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Monday, 27 July 2009

A trip to the zoo and much needed uppy time

Apologies to anyone who thinks I should be constantly fighting my Dad's corner and writing blogs with solemn references but am trying to keep my sanity and balance best as and by taking each day as it comes.

Today was a goodie but before I explain why, want to share a couple of photos, from the last visit. The one in which Azzizah and Euan were playing together.

As I wrote before, was uplifting to see them so happy together:

Was lovely to spend today with Em and her fella and share the wonderful experiences. First of all we went to Lemar Island. Is one of the few areas where the public can get next to animals. Thankfully, there are staff constantly on watch. I say that because although most people go to appreciate the animals and conservation work, there are those who would do damage (intentionally or otherwise). I got to sit next to a Lemar. For me that was awesome. It was totally non-plussed by the affair. Literally, the Lemars were mingling with us humans and comfortably so (maybe hoping for snacks....but such things are rightly out of bounds).

Next stop was my favourite place (no prizes for guessing where)...and total thrill to see a new elephant cub. Yet unamed at 4 days old. He is being closely monitored by his mum and aunt and slept mostly while we watched on, in awe. He did manage a few steps, after his mum had gone for a bit of a walk and aunt was, I think, concerned he needed to be with her. Once reassured by some trunk touching he flopped back down for more sleep (typical baby eh? Not the trunk touching but the sleep :>)

After that, and being totally bouyed up, we went to find the rhinos, then the sloth bears and feeling peckish got the zoo bus to the cafe at the other end of the zoo so we could see the penquins who are camped next door. Before we knew it, we were running late. We had intended to get to Dad by 2.30 but time just flew by.

We weren't too late and arrived at the hospital just after 3.

Not sure what to write about Dad. He seems distant alot of the time. Like he usually is. He did join in as much as his state could allow and we said we would all go to the zoo when he was better. He would like to go, if health permits. I said it was an obligatory family outing (half jokey) as in at least once a year we should all do the zoo. There is a thin line between encouraging and bullying. Trying to keep the right side of that whilst giving him things to hang on to.

I spoke to the doctor about his condition. She explained that his liver seems to be recovering. The norm is 30. 30 what? I am not sure about. Dad's level is now 600, although it was over 1,000 last week. That's paracetamol for you. Fekkin' horrible tablets to OD on but that was most probably last thing on Dad's mind when he took them. Well, the having to deal with after effects!!!!

Not sure on how long Dad's stay in hospital is going to be. Would assume it depends how quickly that level comes down, and if it does continue to come down. The doctor was optimistic..that it would come down more but said it could take anything from a week to a month. Can't remember for sure but think the next lot of blood tests are due Wednesday. If I think too much about this is very scary. So am trying to be ..not sure what the word is..but I am trying to keep my focus on the facts rather than the possibilities.

Before we left hospital, we stocked Dad up on drinks. He has quite a thirst but can't bare drinking water. Will try and get to hospital again tomorrow but that depends on how knackered I am after the first 'recovery' swim. I am not sure if I am supposed to be meeting my STR worker at the pool or if she is coming to me. So much for the CP5 thingy...well the planning aspect of it. Best ring her in the morning...can't leave these things to fate or other people. Not when it is me that is going to be putting in the most effort.

Now, I am going to chill out for the evening. Run a bath. Have a long soak and hopefully zonk out because have naturally used up my energy.


  1. Hi Mandy

    Glad you got to the zoo and had a fab time.

    Have a good swim tomoz.
    Lots of love
    Sis xxx

  2. Hi Sis

    Yep...gotta make the most of the good times and was great to have them with Em and her fella.

    Not sure how the swim is going to pan in if I will actually get there but have sorted me cozzie out. That is one step in the right direction. Will look a right divvy in the pool but have
    to buy a swim hat so as not to get water in my ear. Don't want to trigger Labrynthitis off again.

    Haven't checked your blog out, today. Apologies for that. Will catch up tomoz.

    Lots of love to you too xxxx

  3. Happy to read about your fab trip to the zoo. No apologies needed for having something lovely to blog about! Those ellies are delightful, I totally understand why you love them so much. :-)

    Have a fabulous swim tomorrow! Do be careful to get that swimming cap on though won't you? I couldn't even make it to the pool on my own never mind get in it and do a few lengths!! Awesome. So proud of you fabulous woman! Let us know how you get on, it might give me courage to try it too.


  4. Hi CC

    The ellies are lovely and now there is an itsy bitsy one too, although he won't stay that way for long.

    Rang STR worker to check about today's swim. She isn't feeling very well so is going home sick. Can't say I am disappointed as I am tired out here.

    Think I am going back to bed for a few hours. x

  5. manders,

    glad you enjoyed hanging out with the elephants, they're big softies really and the tiny little one is probably very squidgy at the moment and rubbery on his feet:-)

  6. There are Norm

    and I love, love, love 'em :>)