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Thursday, 16 July 2009

A bit of 'on side' is better than coming up against continual 'off sides'!

Got a response from my MP. I wasn't expecting much but was a bit heartened by his response.

In his letter, he has asked to be kept in touch with how my father's care needs are being taken forward and that should I remain concerned after the 3 month period, he would be only too pleased to write to the Ombudsman on my behalf. That will be some relief..not much if, after 3 months, things are still as grim but by him taking things forward it means I don't have to get caught up in another layer of bureaucracy.

As stated earlier I don't expect much but every little helps. As in helps me stop collapsing under the weight of the monolith.


  1. I'm so pleased you had a positive response. Just to have someone with influence on side has to be a good thing. Perhaps it will spur those giving the care into action? Truly hope so lovely. Have some more words on the way shortly. For now, sending a hug ...X

  2. Well they are more likely to put the cogs in motion for his letter than yours and like you say better than nothing. Glad he is earning some of his money hey. Hoping things are ok with you. x

  3. Thanks CC

    I don't ever hold my breath in regards to some big shifts but any little ones are fine by me and the MP has stuck by me, when others might have just written me off as barking or irrelevant.

    I am off for a few of tomorrow. If I do get to venture around the Peak District will take some photos to put up on here.

    Look forward to catching up with you when I am back x

  4. Too true Lareve

    Nobody gives a tuppeny fart about a nutter. Particularly one who refuses to put up and shut up but they do pay more attention to the MP.

    Enough attention for the Director (at last week's meeting) to advise me not to involve the MP..on the grounds that it might get in the way. Of what, I have to wonder????

    Anyway, am offski for a few days. Time to ponder not much except some lovely scenery. x

  5. manders

    have an easy time while you're away and bring us back a bakewell tart , a brunette would do nicely...

    before the politically correct hiss and boo at me for that corny joke check out Mind's gift to its service users in Norwich.

    i think people with mh issues should start telling people to boycott Mind and any other charity that pulls support away from people like this and then doesnt have the balls to say what its going to be replaced with.

    this is Mind bullying its own service users to pick up contracts from the DWP.


  6. Hi Norm

    Have put the story up on the blog.

    As you know I no longer attend the local Day Centre . Things went pair shaped when Mind took over. However, there are people who have been attending there for years and have formed strong bonds with others there. Is a bit like a mini community.

    I find the idea of Mind closing down centres and there being nothing to replace them really appalling. Not sure how long the local centre will last but I have been told that clients now have to raise the money to keep the centre going.

    Granted 'Mind' are now running sessions on stress and recovery but that is for the carers' group and even so a few sessions on specific themes does not replace the sort of support or social interaction that people can get at day centres.

    I suppose it should boil down to choice and yet again the choice is being taken away from people.

    Actually, I thought Mind wanted to be the biggest MH service provider in the UK? From the article it seems they are closing down services and referring people back to NHS services.

    So where has all the money gone?