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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Doing my bit

Had written a long posting and then got an error message.... So cutting to the chase: ..walked to town and back, yesterday.Bought some purple and lilac flowers and re-potted them.

My plan is to get, say, 8-10 big pots full of pretties to attact bees.

I have bought one pot which am hoping to turn into a DIY bee home but still not sure about the practicalities (in regards to Suki) or exactly what needs to go in there to make it a decent living arrangement. So next step is to re-surf net and see what needs to be done.

I think that is the most constructive thing I have done (started to work on) in a while. A little project, without interferance from people who have other agendas for me, that I can do at my leisure and hopefully make a small and positive difference to something worthwhile... because Bees are very worthwhile little creatures and cute too!!!


  1. Good for you Mandy! This is wonderful. Booking the stall was a really proactive move and now flowers and gardening, colour and bees, wow! Busy little bee you are too! Enjoy! If you're short of anything for that bee house give me a shout and I'll rummage in the garage X

  2. Thanks CC

    What I really could do with is a list of essential requirements for the bee home. If you could send me one that would be much appreciated.


  3. I am quite scared of both wasps and bees - I know bees are useful and the cartoon type bee looks cute but I get in flap when hear one around me.
    Still I am glad you are finding a nice little project, something to achieve and see the fruits of Mandy. Hope it all goes well.


  4. Good things happening for you Mandy at last ! Hope you get your bee house sorted.I tell you am beginning to wonder about the ladybirds too.I did hear that there's a foreign black ladybird invaded and apparently killed off a load of our homegrown ones !
    I have seen a few bees around, which is heartening, but really hope they pick up in numbers sooner rather than later. As for wasps, now I really wouldn't mind them going out of existence !
    Take care
    Love Sis xxx

  5. The Government has also been asked to put up money to research colony collapse syndrome and protect honeybee population

    It's really worrying that we are screwing with the delicate balance of life support processes on the planet as those intricate natural systems wont support us if we fail to respect and protect them.

    Here's a site about the the benefits of honey and i'm just about to have my breakfast of yoghurt and gloopy honey mixed.

  6. Hi Lareve

    Hmmm...we all have our phobias.

    Today...waking up was mine!!!!

    Gonna do a post and then take more lozzees and hopefully get some respite...for as long as.

    Will get back in touch to find out how dizzy the revolving doors are making you :>)

  7. Hi Sis

    Had a big plan to go walkies with support worker to get more flowering plants today but after yesterday, I am in hiding away from everything mode in vain hope it stays away from me.

    Will be in touch soon..when can hold civil convo xx

  8. Hi Norm

    Have heard locally made honey is good for hay fever (and immune system)..not sure if that is true but it sounds worth a try :>)