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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Dissent...A quality or a hurdle to success?

I suppose that would depend on why a person is dissenting.

This posting is prompted by the latest posting on the psyblog ( which looks at the reasons why groupthink needs challenging.

Most of the groups I have been on have had a hierarchy (even those who have claimed to be democratic) and there is definately pressure to conform...I suppose in order to make a decision (as well as have some sense of purpose amongst others). It can all seem rather seedy if you aren't someone who believes in the hierarchy, is the hierachy or wants to freely run with a pack. It can lead to feeling or being ostrazed or having a desire to ostrazise one's self.

I know, I know, someone (and that ususally is a group of someones) has to make decisions. Well, maybe they don't. Maybe everyone should be making more decisions but, practically speaking, I think it would be impossible for everyone to be making decisions about everything. Perhaps, in a different world it wouldn't be impossible but I am hypothesizing (and Americanizing my writing) a bit too much. Nosebleed territory.

The older I have got, the less comfortable I have felt in group situations..particulary of a formal nature. Quite a bit of that is due to experience and some of it is down to me not being a team player because I am rather sussy about who is/are actually leading the team and why (as well as being too vocal about my thoughts and feelings). There are status quos that have to be kept. It is an unwritten rule.

So, when I come across a posting that actively asks people to challenge 'groupthink' and the explanation for that fits with my own concerns in regards to conformity, with the outcome of nothing really changing for the better, then I breathe a sigh of relief.

And everytime I get a pang of consiounce to join a 'shared' campaign.. because I think it might make a positive difference...I suddenly get this image of Napoleon in 'Animal Farm' and the desire to join anything disappears. Yeah, it's a cop out but spare me the false belief that 'Snowball' could have stood a chance.

On a lighter note...has been a week of doing things. I did venture to the carers' group fish and chip supper and enjoyed the quiz and company but I made it clear that I am not interested in the 'Mind' workshop or the 'Recovery' talk that are going to be the focus of the next 2 meetings. For those who want it, it is there for them. Me...I prefer a non demanding evening out, with a bit of frivolity.

Yesterday, Em and me walked to town in search of lunch and more flowers for the garden and it was nice to have 'our time' together. Has been a bit too long.

Today, am going to the zoo for a few hours with friend. I think she is feeling left out. It isn't deliberate. I am not always up to things and when I do get sudden surges above and beyond trudgedom, I just go with them. Anyway, hopefully we will have some quality time together.

Tomorrow, I am off to Derbyshire to stay with friends. Am viewing it more as respite than anything else and have bought a new book 'Tennyson's Gift'...purely because it is set on the Isle of Wight and I love The Isle of Wight.

Am taking my 'Dissent' on a mini break. Ha!

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