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Friday, 24 July 2009

Don't take any notice of me. I am only his daughter

Dad has been on a general ward since Wednesday (mid-dayish). I visited him everyday since he was admitted but needed today to rest. Not just because I am the only one in constant contact with him (day to day basis)and we need to keep some bonds going but because I needed to know what was going on.

Looking back Tuesday (his admission day) and Wednesday (on the acute assessment ward) were the best days. I guess the level of care was more constant but also staff seemed willing to answer questions and interact in regards to his care.

Things went a bit boobs akimbo after he was transferred to a general ward. Nobody seemed to have a clue what was going on. I had to remind the nurses that there was an 8 hour saline drip that needed to be started (this was an hour and a half into my visit). Blood test results couldn't be found (deja vu or what?) and the attitude of staff by their body language and the way they postured around was that they were far too important to be answering any questions.

I have to say that Dad isn't helping anyone to help him. I had asked for a social care and occupational therapy assessment to be carried out on my father. The staff nurse said she would write this down to ensure it happened. So far, no social care assessement and Dad told the occupational therapist that he didnt' need any assistance!!!!!! I think he does because not only did he fall over, having taken his overdose but he had fallen over on Saturday and banged his head. As ever, I only hear of these things after the event.

Yesterday, had to argue my case for seeing him. They had changed visiting hours and the nurse I rang in the morning couldn't be bothered to tell me. Hence, I turned up and was told off. Ms Strident is really carrying me through the visits because I made it clear that if staff can't be bothered to keep me informed of changes that is their problem not mine.

Still no blood test results and ward round hadn't been completed so nobody could tell me anything. Dad was pretending he was fine. He said he was on a post overdose high. Having never taken an overdose, I didn't understand but I thought the fact that he had had no medication for 3 days might be playing some part in that. The only way I can describe how he was behaving was impish. It is clear he has no understanding of the impact of his overdose on me and I think now is not the time to be trying to make him understand how I feel. I don't think he wants to know and, actually, I am in no mood for sharing my hurt with him.

So I did the practical bits. Sorting out washing to bring home, asking him what he had to eat, giving him drinks. Was good that my friend was there. She took some of the chit chatting.

Came home, bewildered but trying to keep my armoury in place. I think if I think too much about this...or let my feelings out...I might collapse in a heap.

Had been home 10 minutes and had call from Dr J. He was being very abrasive. Demanding to know what was going on. I was being vague because I didn't really know and also I wanted time to unwind. This was not enough for him and he insisted I ring him back later. I agreed and then he slammed phone down.

Next thing.....he is sending accusatory texts to me. I didn't respond. I switched mobile off when I got a message saying "You can fuck off". Cheers for the empathy Dr J. I also took phones out of sockets. Dropped a lorazepam and let go.

Today, I got an email early morning from Director of Working Age Adult Services (spot title change), informing me he is taking my concerns very seriously and going to do an internal investigation and that should I have further concerns to ring him. Hmmm...

And so I rang the ward. Got Nurse Vacant on the phone. I asked how Dad was and what was happening. She said "He is stable and the doctor will be seeing him later". I asked if a psychiatric assessment was scheduled. Her response was "It is up to the doctor". Maybe I am picking up the wrong vibes but Dad has seen at least 3 doctors that I know of and as his stay has panned out the approach has gone from him definately needing a psychiatric assessment to ...depends who sees him on the day!!!

I rang Director back who was keen to inform me that Dad's overdose did not meet 'Serious Untoward Incident' criteria (surprise, surprise). I said that I was alarmed at the response I got from Nurse Vacant and he asked me what I thought should happen next. I said that Dad should not be discharged back to his home (reasons obvious to me but I expanded on for Director's convenience) and I felt that he needed to be transferred to a place of safety. He said he would talk to colleagues and get back to me.

Within 5 minutes I got a call back from Director saying that he had rang the ward and told them Dad was not to be discharged without the Crisis Team seeing him. He had organised for a Crisis Team visit today and that he had been in communication with the Director of Acute Services and they were thinking of transferring Dad to acute care unit for a fuller assessment. 'Thinking of transferring Dad'. All this thinking that goes on...

Also struck me funny that the Director asked me what I thought should happen. I have been raising concerns since January 2008 and offering my views on what would help Dad. Nobody seems to have paid much attention before!

Gotta hope that all the thinking that the Directors are doing will lead to some protective action. And song of the day has to be:


  1. manders,

    sounds like more of the same shit! must be frustrating.

    and all this with MP copied in too.

    no person should be harmed or disadvantaged by actions or omissions of BLPT staff, or of failure of its services and serious incidents (clinical and non-clinical ) should be managed so that the impact of such incidents are minimised and that harm to patients and staff is contained.

    near misses have long been regarded as serious incidents and its clear that there is still no joined up policy.

    how does BLPT already a failing trust learn lessons from its mistakes?

    by deciding they are not serious enough to investigate even when its attempted suicide?

    it really is disgusting but hey-ho , such is life in the new horizoned nhs where failure is success and managers will bully the shit out of any staff, patients and members of the public who dare question this

    anyway its friday fuck it, basil radly brush will be scooting off to his pile in the sticks to jerk off over his stamp collection or something so try to switch off for the weekend too.

  2. Oh gawd and other assorted expletives, cos I just don't know what else to say.

    Love Sis

  3. God Mandy, do they reqally want your opinion now? sorry it has come to this.

  4. Hi Norm, Sis and Lareve

    Hope you don't mind but am going to do a blog post rather than respond individually.

    I really do believe I have gone into the Twightlight Zone here


  5. I wanted to say something but don't know what I could possibly suggest that would be helpful. I just can't believe the apathy of these people. What are they paid to do except it seems to pass the buck? Does anything ever get done to help anyone? Makes me wonder.

    Just sending some solidarity and a big virtual hug :-(

  6. Thanks CC

    Have just done latest update.

    I think it has gone past anyone listening (other than other people who are suffering and fighting their own battles).

    Yours and the solidarity of other posters (friends) here makes a big difference.

    I don't feel quite so alone trying to deal with this massive thing that seems to serve itself at any cost.


  7. This particular post has really bothered me. There is evidence that SUI criteria is not being followed and even differs in Trusts . That said, you or anyone is entitled to see what is this criteria they are applying (and not applying) for SUI's ..

    Attempted suicide while receiving treatment either as an inpatient or outpatient of a Trust is an SUI in my book - and I have seen a lot of stats tables from SHA's which show that .

    This strikes me as reportable to the Care Quality Commission and with a need to ask them what the criteria is for SUI's . (see the email below)..

    The West London Trust recently nailed by the CQC for inconsistency (over investigations into SUI's) showed SUI shoddiness and I wonder seriously at Bedford and Luton because frankly they are a poor performer and will not want to be seen as that as they try to get the best deal from a merger with another FT.. That is what is going to happen with the Luton Trust .

    Also the problem with Trusts that ask you what solution you want in this kind of situation is :


    it can be avoiding formality of a kind that is necessary (a proper investigation)

    2. That is only partly appropriate but cannot be relied upon exclusively in the place of a formal investigation

    3. Beware of anything you say to a Trust it may be taken down and used againt you to appear as if they have been positive and customer orientated when in fact they have been uncaring and shoddy to the point of risking someone's health which they are not about to own up to

    Put into writing that you have asked for an SUI .. Watch out for phonecalls they are not reliable "records" unless accompanied and followed up by written material whoch contextualises them

    These people at Trusts are canny and concealing , performance driven first foremost and they are human last in that order, and were it reversed then humanity would be in ascendancy - and good care would too - instead of lamenting the eventual deaths they cause ..

    I recently had a senior person phone me up about a care issue and told them everything had to be put into writing because that was appropriate ...

    I do not believe in "partnership" - it has been made perverse in meaning by the MHNHS . I believe only in proper "service" for need and accountability if something goes wrong .. I expect that in the rest of my life's dealings and I get it outside of the poxy NHS .