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Saturday, 27 November 2010

A Condundrum over Control Issues in Care Home

The conundrum is how I deal with an incident that happened today.

Before I explain, best as, have to state that the person concerned has previously been, what I consider to be, abrupt and even a bit mean in the way they speak to residents.

On reflection, maybe I should have said something before but I have let these things go....actually I should have said something before.

I intend to take action now. I am just not quite sure what action to take.

One of the residents has got into the habit of hurling themselves, head first, at the floor. OK, that is childish behaviour and it isn't doing them any favours but looking at it from a humanistic point of view,they are very poorly, have little control over their lives and to large degree over the function of their body. They are striving to get attention and clearly, whatever attention they are getting (which from my observations, when there, is very little but I don't see other rezzies getting any more) is not enough.

Whilst I was there today, this person, kept trying to get up off their chair. On a couple of occasions I helped, such as I can, and on other occasions a staff member came to help out.

Not long after the staff member left the room, the resident went head first to the floor. I cried out for staff to attend and went over to sit with the resident. Both the staff members on duty rushed in. The most senior's first actions were to tell the resident off (in front of everyone in the room) and then storm out to get the contraption (apologies don't know correct term) that will aid them to lift the resident off the floor.

I got a cushion and placed it under the rezzie's head and stroked their shoulder and tried to reassure them. The other member of staff stood there a bit dumbstruck until the senior came back.

Once settled into the chair, the senior went off to notify next of kin and ring and ambulance (fair enough). I sat and stroked rezzie's hand and chatted to him whilst the other staff member kept dabbing a big bump that appeared over their right eye with a cloth. Can't for the life of me think why they did that but I guess it was doing something.

What infuriated me was the total lack of respect given to the resident. In fact they were treated like a naughty school kid that should be scolded and the fact that this was done with an audience. If that is not over controlling, well I am a born again Liberal Voter (and there's fat chance of that happening).

At the time, my priority (actually instinct) was to provide TLC and as much reassurance as I could until the paramedics arrived but the more I think about this the more angry I am becoming.

I can go about this one of two ways or maybe both. Talk to the person, one to one and tell them what I think of how they handled that situation and/or speak to the manager. I think it would be only fair to talk to the person first. I don't relish the idea and I imagine it could get quite heated but what happened has to be challenged. I think it has to be challenged because if they carry on, and are allowed to carry on talking to residents (fellow human beings), like they are pieces of trash....and in a leadership will continue to breed fear and well fekk knows where it will end but no care home should be run on fear. I don't think anywhere should be run on fear. Sadly it seems to be becoming the norm, these days.

I think I should talk to the manager too. Maybe they are aware of this staff member's behaviour and have turned a blind eye or, maybe, they really don't know how this person behaves. Either way, they need to be confronted with the truth and then to decide how they will deal with it.

I know there is a risk of upsetting the apple cart as it is but the apple cart could soon turn very sour if left as is. Hmmm...ultimately, I have to follow what my morals and emotions are telling me and they are telling me "It just ain't right".

Got to think of best way to plan what I am going to say but, in spite of what certain anonymous people think of me, usually (particularly in major life shit and certainly when trying to help others) following gut reaction turns out best....Hoping it turns out for the best this time. Hope.....possibly the naeivist form of self deception but sometimes it is all I got.

and I really hope it doesn't get to point where I feel I have to go to a higher authority. 1) Because if things can be sorted for the better in situe that has to be best way 2) Higher authorities are usually run by impotent wind bags with no desire or clowt to do anything other than give lip service, cover other people's backsides and tick boxes.

One more thing, I don't think 2 members of staff are able to properly look after all the residents in the home so there is a staffing issue and that, as is usually the case, all boils down to money!!!

Ho fucking hum!!!!


  1. Manders, You should get a job at this home.Be saintly 24/7. Look after those guys. And handle it when someone complains about you.

  2. Ha! Ha! Note duly taken that no-one is perfect and let's be real...I can't even handle working there on a voluntary basis. Nothing to do with the work (because I thoroughly enjoy helping out and being with the people when I feel ok) but with me!!! There is a line, I think, that is crossed when a senior member of staff is down right rude to a resident, in front of other people (particularly when the person is in physical state of distress).

    As for complaints. Well not many people take criticism so easy but if it is justified then it has to be taken on board or it is usually is better if it is (for the person too)