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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Who will help the homeless?

I try, really hard, not to watch the news. It is not like I need any more reasons to feel utterly miserable. However, I stayed with Craig last night.

There is another more personal story in here but I am so angry with my inability to continue to perform at a level near normality at present. Yes, I know that mental illness renders people incapable (varying degrees) to lead normal lives and certainly not without alot of help. I can imagine the recovery natzis insisting that there are many people with mental illness leading normal leaves. I would question how ill they are in the first place? and what levels of support (where it comes from too) are in place for them.

Anyway, my battles with my illness aside...I was in tears yesterday when watching the local news, at Craig's.

Two YMCA centres in Cambridge have been closed down due to lack of financial support. I don't suppose Cambridge is the only place this is happening either. It is the thinnest edge of the wedge and, not surprisingly, assistance to the most vulnerable is being shaved off first. These centres provided essential support for homeless people and now these people will be left to fend for themselves and I can only imagine (although expect that there may well come a time when I will be forced to join them) what it is like to be living out on the streets and at the mercy of the savage winter weather being experienced across the UK at this time.

My heart goes out to them and I am acutely aware that I have so much more in common with them than the people who are taking away any support they have. Very sad :<(


  1. Manders. Be sensible. I lived in Cambridge for many years and it can't cope with the huge number of vagrants who decide to settle there. I reckon you can't walk 50 metres before a 'Big Issue' seller blocks your path.

    Before you start I'll say this...I always used to buy a paper. However, one day I was approached by a rather vulnerable looking woman. I offered her a pound which she took. As I walked away I could hear her screaming profanities. I suppose I could have told her that I had already purchased a paper but I didn't. I never bought one again.

    I don't think people like you will end up homeless. This country is too kind. People with mental health problems should always have support but cities like Cambridge, which are attractive places to live cannot afford to be inundated with
    loads of people from outside the area.

    As a footnote I would say this..Half the beggars on the streets of Cambridge are Scots. Maybe they should go home.

  2. Anon

    Jesus was also homeless .

  3. We're experiencing the harshest wintry weather in November for years and it's best some people can do to pick on the homeless and those left out in the cold?

  4. Anonmyous Number 1

    I think you are a total wind up and most probably whatever views I have, you will always take the juxtaposition.

    I actually wrote to 'Shelter' (a few years back) to ask them what percentage (obviously would have to be a guesstimate but I thought they might have a better idea than most) of homeless people had mental health problems. They responded saying they hadn't got a clue.

    What I believe is that there are many people with mental disorders, as well as young people who have been abused, other people who are burnt out and have no family members to link into. Maybe there are some people who pretend to be homeless to make money but I can't see why people who could make money elsewhere (and most probably much easier) would spend days and nights on the streets begging for money. If there was a choice???

    As you don't live in Cambridge can you possibly know how many beggars there are or where they come from? That is nonsense talk and, again, you are doing it I think, to be a wind up.

    I actually can't see a point to responding to you further because I don't believe you are for real...and if you are, then I think you are pretty mean. You would do very well in politics.

  5. Anon 2

    Buddha was said to be a beggar and it is written that he turned his back on the life of royalty...because he wanted to find the true value of life.

    Not sure how much I believe of what is written about any of the prophets but there are moral stories that I think ring true (however much time passes).

    I have also been reading a book about Egyptian history and I find it disturbing how history repeats itself. Or more the case that humans make history repeat itself

  6. Norm

    People will be dying because of this weather. Homeless people, old and infirm people who have no-one to care for them.

    Possibly there is an assumption (cos we now have a 'Big Society' least in name) that there will always be people to look out for others. That is not always the case.

    How many stories have there been of old people dying and neighbours have only raised the alarm when the milk has been left on doorsteps for days on end.

    Know, you know what I mean.

    If this is to be 'A Big Society' needs to be based on caring for all. I don't see that happening. More the opposite.

  7. Manders, if your answer to everything is not to believe a word, then you'll never be reasoned with and that's a shame. I did live in Cambridge for many years. I do not pick on homeless people. If you seriously think that I am making this up solely to wind you up, you really do overestimate your own importance.

    I work hard and always try to help other people. If I make a donation instead of buying a newspaper, which I already have, I am abused..and you think that's just fine. Well no, actually it's not.

    Alienate the moderates like me and you're done for. Ask Jesus or Buddah for help. And Norm, get real.

  8. I didn't say that I think it was fine that you got abused by someone you bought a The Big Issue from. I have actually had a similar experience where I got abused because I didn't buy one. There are some aggressive sellers out there but of all the Big Issue sellers I have come across that was the first time. I wouldn't generalise over 1 incident but also clock that it isn't an experience anyone would want to go through.

    However, I think that is one of the few views we as much as being abused is a horrible thing to have to deal with. I base that on your comments to date.

    I cannot see why you actually keep coming to my blog unless it is just to put a juxtapostion to what I write...or do you wish to change my views to yours? I don't know but I actually don't feel that my views are likely to be changed by your comments.

    You wrote a while back that you are a teacher. Well, I haven't learnt anything new from you...well that you lived in work hard and you help other people but you really aren't helping me.

    I don't overestimate my are the one that keeps coming on here to form your own counter attack on my views.

    and my blog is not here to either get people on side or alienate them. It is about my experiences...about things I feel are important.

    And you are a wind up...."ask Jesus or Buddha for help" Didn't you read my comment? Because if you had you would clock that I am sceptical about how true these stories(personal opinion and know there are others who have strong faith/s) are.

    I think this is most likely the last time I will respond because all I can see is a ping pong between us of you insisting your way is right and me justifying why I believe my views are right....going nowhere when we are miles apart

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  10. That's okay. I'll leave you alone. What power you wield with that delete button! If I remember rightly, I think I described myself as an educator. We are all educators to some extent. That does not mean that I am a teacher.

    I'm not helping you and neither is anyone else who reads this blog. You use this medium to express an opinion and that's fair enough. If you
    don't want a response from anyone who disagrees with you, then that is also your choice.

    I never insist that I am right. I think that is your bag. Good luck with it.