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Friday, 26 November 2010

Ummmm.....If it was simply a case of teaching granny to suck eggs

how comes most people have never even seen granny sucking eggs?

Flippancy has it's uses, especially when Nanny is back with their guide on how to survive 'The Festive Season':

1. Drink sensibly

A bottle a day should keep you suitably inebriated to endure it

2. Eat well

Nanny recommends a light salad, followed by a yoghurt and a piece of fruit.

3. Be active

Yep, even if that means forcing yourself out of bed. You could even try to do the housework that has been put on hold for a few months.

4. Get involved

For those living alone, go knocking on neighbour's doors and ask them if you can join in their festivities.

5. Relax

Make yourself a cup of tea, do some deep breathing exercises, have a bath and then hit the benzos. You really should not be bothering the Crisis Team at this time of year and ruining their fun.

6. Sleep

If only eh? But if push comes to shove try a mix of Tip No 1 and Tip No 5

And here's Nanny's link


  1. The Crisis Team would just tell you to do all of the above anyway. And to have a nice bath.

  2. Indeedy. Well, if you manage to get through to them...people in Bedfordshire, who hit crisis, either have to satisfy their care co-ordinator's that they are truly in crisis or (if you hit crisis between 5.30 and 9.30 weekdays or anytime over weekends) it's the free for all at the local casualty department.

    Mind you, that could count as No 4 on the list...Getting Involved.

  3. Very amusing I havent laughed so much in ages.
    I followed the link to the Mental Health Foundation's Christmas tips page and blimey Dr Andrew McCulloch does come across as a really miserable and covetous old miser.

    I also noticed that to keep up the Christmas cheer people are invited to take part in the Mental Health Foundation's great Santa Fun run in Greenwich Park for a mere £100 a go! For shame! That's incredibly mean in this age of cuts, even old Scrooge at his worst didn't stoop that low.

    The Greenwich Park run location appears to have been chosen to avoid any confusion with the really great Santa Run taking place practically outside the Mental Health Foundation's luxury suite of offices on the South Bank , an alternative festive run which costs from £3 to £12.50 to participate in and all the proceeds go to supporting the Children's Hospices Charity UK

    A truly deserving cause don't you think!

    Christmastime makes a real difference to the kids hospice charity and related directly caring and supporting organisations, the kids and their parents obviously benefit too, well, as much as they can under the circumstances , from the reflective selflessness and generosity of spirit of Christmas whereas , it has to be said , the Mental Health Foundation doesn't directly help anyone , it's a stuffy and remote psuedo- academic hands off charity that has deep links with the imperious Institute of Psychiatry and Kings, it isn't , how do you say now ...'User Led' or even User focused , it also hawks ghastly pretentious ' Be Mindful' and over-simplistic 'Think yourself out of depression' courses and widgets to people , when similar much higher quality and better researched resources are freely available elsewhere on what you call the internet.

    This isn't charity my friends, its ghastly penny pinching business and sharp pratice masquerading as charity!

    Take it from me, the Mental Health Foundation and it's patrons at the IoP and Kings are resourceful and worldly enough in their own right to keep this boundaryless system rather than mental health service user Foundation afloat themselves. There's little sincerity ,glow or warmth in the exquisite esteem Dr McCulloch and his organisation are held in by his powerful friends as everyone knows he's a shill.

    So my friends please be very careful which charities you run for or give to as the real Christmas narrative focuses on charity , love and light emanating from far more humble places than luxury offices on the South Bank.

    Have the Happiest Christmas possible , wrap up well and be charitable to others .

    Your Humble Servant

  4. Going to do me bah humbug bit...the nice bit comes after

    Having watched a fair chunk of what I think was the worst 'Children in Need' show ever. Sorry, but apart from the Corry meets Eastenders merger (and I don't even watch Soaps..but it was funny), the rest of the performances didn't do it for me....but the teenager who had found friendship, support and solidarity by getting a dog made the night worthwhile for me.

    If I have any spare doshy woshy, I will be giving it to 'Dogs for The Disabled' because it's a charity that had made an immense difference to that young lady's life and I assume many other peoples' too.