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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Will Jeremy Paxman Do The Honourable Thing and Resign from University Challenge

After challenging.... let's be honest here ... interrogating Claire Solomon on her role in the disruptive behaviour of fellow students at Wednesday's protest at Millbank Tower, I have to wonder at his suitability as compere of a programme specifically aimed at and including University Students.

Claire Solomon made it clear that she was not involved in violence and his representation of her, detracted from the real issues students are facing.

Paxman continued to grill her, about her age, whether she was a student, how long she had been studying, if she was taking gap leave and how long for etc etc etc. It isn't just about what you ask but why and how you ask it and the tone in which it comes across, which was accusatory.

Simon Hughes, was part of the interview, he made a point of glaring at Clare and then turning away from her and focussing on NUS Aaron Porter, whose view was that throwing the extinguisher off the roof was dangerous (like nobody else would know that) but generally he supported the action by the students.

Hughes steamed into Porter, saying that the NUS president had encited fellow students to hunt down Lib Dem MPs who'd signed the original pledge not to raise student fees and Hughes exploited that as if there had been some violent intent behind Poynter's words. Poynter, flabbegasted by this, insisted that he did not say that. However, Hughes refused to let him talk any further and says that the electorate decided that there wasn't a majority so it wasn't the Lib Dems fault that the fees are going to go up. Basically, blaming the Tories for Lib Dem subserviance.

What I got from that interview was that Paxman and Hughes gave little opportunity for the NUS President and student to put their views across and bullied them when they tried to have their say.

I used to like watching 'Newsnight' because Paxman used to put politicians on the spot and try and get them to tell the truth. Now he comes across as another pack dog, doing the Government's bidding!!!!!

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