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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Migraines and Mind fucks

I feel like saying last post I put up was a total waste of time. It most probably was but it was where I was at, then.

Now, I am feeling/thinking (such as brain can hack) was all about theorising rather than realising how dire things are going to get without any real care for the people on the butt end of it. In that regard it led to nothing new!!!

Ho hum! I keep trying to access places where I can make some positive difference and coming back into myself.

This isn't just frustration about that, it's the joys of womanhood dragging me back into the bog. Yeh! I know all women suffer (varying degrees) but I get floored every time and the migraines trigger one after the other. Dropped migraine meds and 2 loz. Hopefully, will feel more comfortable soon, at least relaxed enough to sleep.

There is progress of sorts. A minor operation that can be done to remove lining of womb and hence no more periods. Had letter from consultant saying I have a 'consultation' meeting scheduled for spring. I need to get my act together (more so now I have printer ink) and write back saying at the meeting I want to discuss the operation, and basically go for it.

Rallied through (sort of) meeting with care co-ordinator and a social worker. Won't say too much about why social worker was there but based on the meeting, I am glad he was and have another meeting scheduled with him tomorrow to try and move forward with Direct Payments. Sort outstanding issues out and re-apply for more hours. Not sure where it will lead. Times being as they are and attitudes towards the sick (surpluss to requirement) it may turn out to be nothing but, realistically, I need more hours of my care lady's time.

Thankfully, my friend's son is going to get my prescription for me today because in the physical state I am in, aggravating mental state, I wouldn't make it.

It's time for bed and I just hope I get a long sleep. Not so much to recharge batteries as to shut down and shut it all out for a while.


  1. Manders

    Coalition of Resistance Against Cuts & Privatisation have meeting in Bedford on 22nd. Maybe worth contacting to find out if anything can be planned for Luton .

  2. Thanks for that

    Will make contact. It is in county so I should be able to get there, aided by friend.