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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A personal spat that got out of hand or something more sinister?

Having read and re-read the article in 'Disability Now', it could have been a spat that got of hand????

Labour v Tory....bitch v brat? Or maybe Ms Dorries has issues with disabled people having any kind of quality of life????

People will make of it what they will but I have issues with people who blog about how they are doing all sorts of things and then when someone questions if they are poorly..they suddenly go into victim mode. I don't believe you can switch illness off. If I could have, I would have years ago.

However, neither do I believe that because someone is ill they shouldn't have a better quality of life or be allowed and SUPPORTED to have one... and what I constitute as quality and support 1) might be someone else's nightmare and 2) I gotta ask just where is the support?

I am one of those dirty rottern scroungers that uses Facebook. I use it because it allows me to socialise in ways my life/illness does not allow. Some days it stops me being and feeling totally alone. Other days I find it overwhelming..on those days I find most things overwhelming.

If an MP genuinely believes that Social Networking is not something disabled people should be allowed to do..then I have to wonder if that MP would also have disabled people wearing armbands, living in segregated parts of towns and ultimately sent to gas chambers. Maybe that sounds extreme but the Natzis took away the rights of people they believed lesser the point of genocide..and let us not forget that the mentally ill were the first to be targetted by the Natzis, although nobody has the balls to be that open and honest about it when they are giving history lectures!!!


  1. Not quite at Nazi level just yet but dehumanising and scapegoating tactics used against people with mental health issues and other disabled people on benefits do border on fascistic and most alarmingly for me is the constant 'mental health is costing the country £105 billion ' and 'disease burden' soundbites from the mental health poverty industry that fuels the hating as the sector Coalitions itself to negotiate new workfare Partnerships and services contracts with Government.

    Can you imagine anyone trying to combat Aids in this way? By objectifying the people impacted by it and just focusing on how much they cost the country?

    That's in addition to the incoming crap from Government , the Telegraph and the political parties, etc . and of course , lest we forget , Gruppenfurher Nadine Dorries who obviously thinks the disabled unemployed need to relocated to some modern day un-wired Theresienstadt to prevent us communicating in the same way more deserving members of the species do.

    It's also worth remembering that much of the modern psuedo-science of psychiatry emerged out of the Nazi death camps and Soviet gulags

    As for the service users who hold down multiple official positions around and permanently dine out on the User Involvement bureaucracy but then claim they are unable to work , don't even get me started as they don't just compromise people who are really struggling at the bottom of the heap in the obvious way, on closer inspection many of them are deeply implicated in trying to bully others towards Recovery, Wellbeing & Work they can't cope with in ways that, I think, constitute real disability discrimination.

    Personally, I do not find getting roped into the systems User bureaucracy layer therapeutic but that's the only supportive ' social ' activity that services seem to offer nowadays, Come and agree with us and we'll give you attention, stroke your ego , give you expenses , a little plastic nametag with your photo in it or even a paid Involvemt job. Come as You Are and you can just fuck off.

    Fuck you '

  2. Well it appears to me that Nadineism has gone quite far in my neck of the gallows - we are about to become fable bodied and set a local legend for a time... Until we slip and hang ourselves

    We have to either pretty well run our Centre or become minded by MIND -- and of course then become traded upon by other Users then and bits of snot that dangle about on charity grants ..

    The new evils are charities and cannibalistic recovery gangs paid by 19th century victorian workhouse ghosts residing inside heads of Mental Health Foundation and MIND Rethink etc . ..

    It pays to smear yourself with feces nowadays so the smell of them all is disguised...

    See you all later - choking blue faced etc ..

  3. Yeah been there before mate . MH equivalent of that horrific Kevin Carter pic of the Vulture & the Starving Child. It's a short terribly onesided waiting game .

  4. OFIT

    Ummm I am all for people being supported (not by the usual suspects) to run their own centres but let's be real about this. There are varying levels of sustainability. I often have ideas of what might help...viz a vie groups of people coming together but ultimately each individual will have their own ideas of what they want and need and I am in no position to be trying to manage or even help other people run a service for themselves.

    Remember a few year's back there was a meeting at local community centre, me having spoken to local councillor aobut what could be made available and accessable to people with MH problems. I was told that somebody from Mind would be in attendance and I was to put forwad to them my ideas. A) I did not feel it appropriate to be seeing myself as the person speaking on behalf of others..I wanted it to be more people being asked what they would like. Difficult I know but certainly I can't be running around surverying people 'identified' as havign MH problems. 2) I have had enough experience of Mind to know that they have set agendas and it isn't about what people want or need but what they are prepared to offer.

    Ho hum. I would very much like to be part of something that is positive for a group/community. However, my experiences of Mind have also shown that they are quite happy to dump mroe and more responsibility on people who are willing but not to support them when it makes them ill!!!

    As for covering myself in shit so the stench of external shit is not so powerful. I prefer to smell the external shit for what is is.