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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Telling it how it is

I been doing that for years and still I get the "Get over yourself" Brigade insisting that some collective we must rally on and conquer our illness, most probably because it makes them feel better about themselves.

I am sure that anyone with an on-going and utterly debilitating mental illness will know that it takes extra effort to do just about anything and life is exhuasting enough without added layers of guilt from other people to have to deal with AND if I could have recovered, I wouldn't still be at the mercy of this fucking disorder.

Best intentions or deliberate bullying doesn't make me feel any better and I am taking this opportunity to tell the likes of the Recovery Natzis to "Fucking well, fuck the fuck off"

END OF!!!!!!!!


  1. I'd press the 'like' button if I could. Here here!! x

  2. Couldn't have put it better myself. Well actually I could. The Recovery Nazis need to "Fucking well, fuck the fucking fuck off. Fuckers"


  3. No longer pretending to be anything other than a completely out of touch and puritanical moralising c*** Mental Health Foundation Director Andrew McCulloch of MHF sternly warns the nation of the perils Christmas including ' catching up with friends & family & partying late in to the night ...'

  4. I think that Coffeecup meant Hear hear. I would just say to the lot of you, grow up.

  5. Anonymous

    I am sure Coffeecup is most thrilled with being pulled up by you on her spelling. Ya cheeky fuck!

    I would be thrilled to engage in a conversation with you about why you think I should grow up....if I knew who you I don't it's a case of WHATEVER!!!!

  6. Dante's Ivory Towering Inferno26 November 2010 at 02:26

    Unamed usurpers must go direct to Level 8 - An amphitheatre, no less.

    You know you will have arrived when you see the sign "Welcome to the pleasure dome"?

    What do you mean, you can't see it? It is there,there!!!!

  7. I wouldn't have bothered to correct a spelling mistake. Occasionally I make one myself. This woman, Coffeecup, showed a lack of understanding. She used the wrong word. I'm an educator.

    I wouldn't be too thrilled to engage in conversation with you. So we're even. Chill out and stop shouting at the world. You speak of bullying, you write a post that comes out of nowhere. Just rage. Incoherent and unhelpful. You are a bully. I'd bet my life on that.

  8. Erste, was ich will tun, wie fuhrer ist stop alle diese widersprechen dem Mittelstand.