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Monday, 24 August 2009

Where am I, what have I been doing?...and...updates on reforming the care system

Got an email from a friend asking me this. I have been slipping on the keeping up connections front. Apologies...but have had a very busy few days.

Also clock that things have moved on in regards to responses viz a vie 'THE BIG CARE DEBATE'. Right now, have no energy left to 'air my views in appropriate places'. I need time....time to do nothing but care for me.

However, have been sent list (I will come back to, when bit more buoyed up) of different places where people can air their views. Here goes:

If you want to find out more about this issue, gather up to date information or view and/or join discussions please see some of the links below.

Department of Health (info) (live consultation link)

DirectGov/Care and Support (feedback & comments)
Respond to the green paper by taking part in the consultation process.
Contact form:
Write: Care and Support Team, Room 149, Richmond House, 79 Whitehall , London SW1A 2NS


Benefits and Work (info & No More Benefits Cuts campaign)

Disability Law Service (info)

Equality and Diversity Forum

RNIB (info & campaign)
• Download a draft campaign letter to send to your MP (Word)
• Download a draft campaign letter for sighted campaign supporters and sent to your MP
• Download a draft letter to sent to your local newspaper
• Find out if your MP has sign the EDM
• Find out who your MP is – visit the Parliament website
• Send your MP a fax – via

Rethink (info & feedback)

Action For Blind People,83,SNS.html (info & campaign)

Equality 2025 (info)

Survivor History Group
A debate on disability living allowance is currently active on the Survivor History Group site (discussion) Anyone who wants to take part in the debate (or just listen to it) can.
To join the forum go to:

Department for work and pensions (info)
Email contact: / (feedback)

BBC message boards (discussion)

Seems like MIND are back on the case again:

MIND (info)

We share your view that the DLA is an important benefit for people with mental health problems. Mind responded to the social care pre-green paper consultation in November 2008, and recommended very strongly to Government that the Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance must be retained.
Our recommendation was based on consultation with our networks. Over three-quarters (78 per cent) of respondents disagreed with the proposal to scrap DLA, and only 13 per cent agreed. 66 per cent of respondents had received DLA or AA in the last two years, and felt that DLA provided financial support for the extra costs of living with a disability, which are distinct from care costs. In focus groups and individual correspondence with service users, the proposal to pool DLA was unanimously rejected, often vehemently.
In the social care green paper, Shaping the Future of Care Together, the Government has not proposed to scrap DLA, although it is asking people for their views on whether they should pool Attendance Allowance with social care money.
Mind will respond to the green paper in the Autumn, along with other disability charities, and we will be consulting with our networks of people with experience of mental distress who will inform our response.
Mind will be lobbying the Government to make sure a new National Care Service takes account of the needs of people with experience of mental distress. But you can also have your say directly, by getting involved in the Government's national 'Big Care Debate'. There will be a number of events taking place around the country, or you can take part online, on Facebook, or on Twitter.
If you would like to get involved in Mind's response to the consultation and be kept up to date with the work Mind is doing around this issue please sign up to our campaigning network, Mind in Action, by sending your postal address to You will also receive e-bulletins with calls to action and ways to support Mind's work. You can also become a member of Mind Link, our network of people with direct experience of mental distress, by emailing More information about the campaign will be posted on our website shortly:

A response from Mind on the Reform of the care and support system (Dec 2008) can be obtained from


  1. A few more places wherein discussions taking place.. 21 pages to this one several pages here too lots of pages here

  2. Thanks Steve

    Hmmm...I think I might forward my views to Mind and Rethink...because they are the MH charities, although previously their remits seems to have revolved around work.

    Will find do this.

    Is good that so many other people feel strongly about this and are sharing their views too :>)