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Sunday, 2 August 2009

When in Rome

Anyone who reads the blog will know that I am mostly adverse to the media, whilst still thinking that a free press is an essential requirement to this society.

But as with title, being away from home tend to go with flow of where I am and when asked if I wanted a Saturday paper agreed to a copy of The Independent.

Three stories caught my interest:

The first was about Herman Rorschach. More so the ink blots he used in pyschiatric testing from 1920's. Seems the cat is out of the bag. Thanks to Wikipedia, who posted the images along with most common responses given by test participants (would assume that is researched somehow).. Years of serious psycho-analyis put at the psychologists say... by this reckless action bt Wiki. Ha! Ha! The accompanying impage to this article was of one of the ink blots. To me it looked like a demonic mask. Have yet to check my response with Wikipidea list but am in no hurry. I think the test is mostly bunkum.

Second artice was about the Sanctity of Life. The writer relating this to the big debate around Euthanasia. Using Trosky as an example of someone whose example shouldn't be followed, particulary as his claim that the sanctity of life was "Papist-Quaker babble" was shared by that great humanist Stalin (his one time friend and the person most likely to have had Trosky done in).Hitler was also used as an anti hero (like people didn't get that already)as he was pro euthanasia for the mentally and physically disabled (which is something maybe not as widely known as to those of us with vested interest) What hit home to me was the writer's view that in this society, which, he claims, values everything in terms of money that euthanasia could become a cop out for a government who hasn't got and would prefer not to have to find the resources to care for a growing and aging population.Food for thought indeed!!

Final story of interest was about The Quakers (a group I know little about but am becoming more interested in since reading the article). They are going to conduct gay weddings. i didn't realise that the government was in opposition to this. After all this government passed the law on 'civil arrangements' allowing for gay couples to have similar rights in regards to homes, financial enitlements and a certain level of acceptance (again legally) of the importance of relationships and commitment. Now I have issues in regard to marriage and religeon (personal bias I wouldn't enforce on anyone else even if I could) but am pro human rights so am chuffed The Quakers are prepared to swim against the tide of social control and offer a service that acknowledges the sanctity of love and people's rights to choose how they share that. More tolerance and less social dictate would be good for this country and the people in it. Perhaps the article has more poignance to me as the guys I am staying with are celebrating their first 'wedding' anniversary. They had a civil service (can't remember what the actual term is) this day, last year,and good on 'em. Think we are all going out for a celebratory meal later.Yum!

To my here and now. Listening to George Michael cd I bought yesterday. Purely because it has his version of 'Flawless' on it. The bonus is it has all the other dancey numbers on it too, which makes up for the disappearance of the the dance cd of 'Ladies and Gentlemen', along with my house keys, back home. Am going to head downstairs to make myself a cuppa, check out the baby chicks and start to share the rest of the day with my hosts.


  1. Manders,

    i dunno, we pack you off to the sticks for the weekend to chill out and you're up with the larks and have waded through the sunday papers before most of us are even awake.

    i bet you had real healthy breakfast too lol!

    like the items you reviewed .

    Mr Rorschach..those testcards always just looked like splodges to me as i'm blind as a bat but so much of psychology/psychiatry is psuedoscience that i just assume that most of it is bulshit anyway.

    the sanctity of human life.

    that's the big issue and i read an editorial-like piece by one well known journalist the other day in which he basically argued that ' our lives were not ours to end '... that's not a view i share but i do think euthanasia is only getting the attention it is from the medical profession and the government because the ageing babyboomer demographic makes it politically and economically expedient and that concerns me .

    as for hitler and stalin, what separates state enforced euthanasia from a suffering life weary individual being able to die with dignity in a caring environment is choice.

    the quakers. interesting religious community , they wont bear arms, bow to anyone but their god and they give over their halls for others to use to do good by political ends.

    if only the people who worked for the nhs were half as tolerant of people with mh issues ...

  2. Hi Norm

    Late night drop in before zonk city.

    Today's Mail(magazine) lead with an article on Terry Pratchett. He wishes to choose the time he dies and he wants it to be in this country. I think he should have that choice but I also think others (not so affluent should have the same choice). If we are talking quality of life..then equal access to the same 'comfort level' in death should be given to all who are otherwise to face a denegerative illness that there is no way back from and I think it is their right to make that choice and others to ensure they are not pressured into making choices that aren't their own.

    I am sceptical about why the government is appearing so 'open' to euthanasia now rather than any shift in my view that people should able to make choices..and not based around their ability to pay to go to another country to die.

    It seems quite ironic me writing this, considering my father's recent attempt on his life. Believe me there have been times when I have wondered whether I am helping or hindering in the actions I take. However, I am guided by my belief that in the right environment and with the right support he may well wish to continue to live. Perhaps I am deluding myself but I feel that I must fight for my father until I can honestly say that it would be cruel to do otherwise. I don't think I am definately right or wrong but if I don't believe enough in my father (and until such time as he is able to believe in himself)then how can I expect others (including those who provide services) to. I guess I have always winged it through life and so why stop now????? :>)

    For now, he is safe. I don't know for how long but have had assuranses (for whatever they are worth) that he will be kept safe for quite some time. It's the best of a bad deal is the way I see it.

    C'est la vie and without a magic wand it will be dealt with as such.

    Maybe this is all sounding down beat. I can assure you, I am in good spirits. The celebratory meal was delicious and I am going home a good stone heavier than I got here AND I couldn't care less. It was worth it :>)

  3. Hah ..... I only want to admit to seeing double chocolate goblins with cakes which sped me down the local shop for some muffins and food for kitty and bird seed for a pigeon that has adopted me .... Goblins always bring out the best in me ..

    x PG