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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Live from a laptop in Derbyshire

and it feels good :>)

Apart from an hour stuck in a motorway jam outside Northampton,journey here was smooth running. £3.09 for a hot choccy at a motorway caf was a rip off but least I got some marshmallows with it.

We had a Chinese meal last night and then chilled out chatting and catching up. The guys have new baby chicks too. So cute.

Later today, we are going to visit a local market. Am a big fan of markets. The real ones with bargains. For now, am slobbing about in bedroom, listening to radio and bidding on a blue top on ebay to go with electric blue dolly shoes. I have a dolly shoe obsession. Obsession as in one pair of dolly shoes is really enough for anyone but I want pairs in diffferent colours and or with different patterns on them. Totally frivolous, superficial stuff. I need more of that kind of thing.

Other plans for weekend. Would like to watch The Proms tribute to Hollywood movies tonight and hoping for drive to Peak District. Apart from that don't mind. The break is enough in itself. I needed space between me and what has been going on. Space just for me.

Off to have a shower and then it's boiled eggs for brekky (from the chickens the guys keep). Am feeling quite blissy.


  1. Enjoy your break Manders - nuff said.

  2. Hope you enjoy your break - rainy here so expect your getting much the same but still having someone look after you and not have to do any looking after is good. x

  3. Hi Lareve

    Went to Chesterfield. It bucketted down but thoroughly enjoyed it and checking out the wonky spire on the church.

    If it is drier tomorrow am going walkabouts. At the end of the road,where friends live, is path to open land.

    Tonight is cauli cheese and this fekk off chocolate flan thing I got in the local Morrison's.

    Are all the Morrison's up here so big? and I can't recount the amount of times I have been called "Duck". I don't mind though cos I am world's worst for calling people friendly terms that not everyone appreciates.

    How you doing on the diazepam? It does last longer (as in hours per sedation) than loz. I am trying to go longer between me halves of loz. Hit and miss but overall doing okay. Not sure that will last when home but am sticking to plan of taking each day as it comes....mostly because there isn't a better one. Ha!