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Sunday, 23 August 2009

A couple of good days

Friday: Dad rang me from the hospital. He couldn't get the money into the payphone in time but knew it was him. Rang him back and he asked if we could go out for a ride somewhere. Rob (Em's fella) happy to oblige but was a bit late in the day to go up to the local Downs plus Rob was knackered from working 17 days without a day off. In the end we went to a local carvery.

Dad was a bit wobbly but enjoyed himself and the veggie option was rather nice.

This was quite a big step forward for Dad. I don't want to raise expectations and next then he is back in the black hole but a pozzie is a pozzie and it was great that he wanted to go out and I really can't remember the last time we went out for a family meal.

Saturday: Friend's birthday. It was iffy right up to yesterday if she would be able to get out because she has been suffering aggrevated back problems (think that was to do with the 'voluntary' weed digging we did in her Church's car park. Don't get me started on that ...because I have strong feelings about her feeling obliged to do these things in such poor physical health but I wasn't going to let her struggle on alone (no sign of any support from other members of the congregation...that's Christian spirit for ya!). Can't say it did me much physical good either. Wednesday I felt rancid (some of which was due to a negative visit to the acute unit..and challenges I won't go into depth about. Will just say more staff attitude, a faulty hot drinks machine and Dad being in weird place with himself)

Anyway, Debs rallied though because she really wanted to get out and see the animals at a local farm. Well, is more like a children's zoo than a farm. Was a lovely day. Weather stayed good and we saw the most dinky baby goats. I spent ages feeding this little white one leaves of the trees. Don't think that was really allowed. They would rather I fed them the £1 containers of carrots (past their prime) and other bits of stuff they were selling. I know from Debs that goats love leaves (most leaves) and will happily chomp away on them, if allowed.

I was saddened to see the Racoons in a tiny corner of the farm (small cage) all looking thoroughly pissed off. One was pacing up and down. All I had was the £1 container of bits. Debs said they liked we broke them into smaller pieces and the racoons livened up, scurrying about and climbing to get the bigger chunks from top of the cage.

Hmmm...such is the downside of keeping animals in captivity and also business over-riding the needs of the animals. Anyway, we did our bit and will go back later (with some fresh fruit and spend more time trying to keep racoons entertained).

Later we went on a mission to get leaves for the goats Debs already has. I felt quite the common crim, standing by the side of the road cutting branches. Sure there will be strong feelings about this, out there, but my loyalty is to Deb and her goats.

After that I bought an Indian take away and we pigged out.

Today, I have put out the bird feeders(purchased at the farm), with a suet block and nutty bits, so hopefully will start to see more of the feathery types in the garden. Suki isn't interested in chasing birds. She prefers to loll about on the floor getting fusses.

Later am going to mow the front lawn, make a card for Dad's brother (his birthday some time soon) and go visit Dad later on in the day.

Am thinking that surely the management at the acute unit could flex visiting times a bit. Dad wants to go to the local Downs. Debs has a car and we could take him out during the day. 4pm onwards is not best time to be sitting on top of a hill and more so with the nights drawing in and Autumn around the corner. Will ring and see if any negotiation is possible. Previous communications to Director of Acute Services ended with visitors being allowed in the garden there (even if I had to keep reminding staff of that 'new' agreement). Will give it a whirl.

Off for a cuppa and half a loz..and then to the garden.

Am back down to 2 and a half lozzees a day. Yesterday, 2 and a quarter:>). If things don't take another nose dive, I could get down to 2 a day..and from there, well.....sticking with my philosophy of one day at a time but going with the pozzie vibe.


  1. Glad you had a couple of good days and got to see your Dad plus spend time at the farm. I think time out doing things can make a difference and make up for the times when leaving the house is too much of a chore. Take care. x

  2. Thanks Lareve

    I was told I was going manic yesterday but I actually thought I was just doing thing that needed mowing the lawn, catching up on linen basket and then clearing up after a freezer that decided the defrost itself.

    I think it was more a case of someone else preferring to sit on their fat arse and complain at me from the arm-chair critic angle.

    Yesterday's visit to Dad not good. Well, Dad is back down in the black hole again. Such is life. At least he got the things he asked me to take in and we got some time together.

    Off to hospital with Deb today for her back scan. After that I think I will mong out a bit. I do feel pretty tired but things needed doing and got done.