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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Personal life too hellish to write blogging about things I can blog about

Due to propensity to cry at almost anything, didn't manage to watch the video that went with the campaign details but life (short as it is ) is rather tortured for my furry friends in China. That is unless they happen to be a Panda. What a contradiction we humans are!!!
Anyway, have put my money where my mouth is...enough, I hope, to do some good.

Pledge to go fur-free at

Have a link to Carer Watch (an organisation that is allowing the sick and disabled to add comments....often to do with proposals on the green paper). I have renamed it "Spot where the money is going to go Paper" :

And now I am going to take my sedation and go sleep.


  1. Sorry things are so hard for you Mandy,and difficult to write about, sometimes blogging about yourself gets too much. take care .x

  2. Hi Lareve

    It does. I have actually signed in here so I can get to friend's blog.

    I can't stomach writing about what is going on with Dad, or much of anything to do about me here, right now.

    Am using other means of escape when I can.

    Maybe in time...will be able to write without it, without feeling like my insides are on display to be picked at.

    Just to raw. Will keep in contact by usual means xx

  3. I am sorry that things feel so raw that you cant write about things. Hope this improves. Hannah X

  4. Thanks Hannah

    Me too. I used to, at least, feel some release from doing my it feels like more entrapment.

    Can say that some days I feel like I am in the early and fragile stages of a transition and others like my world is re-imploding (if such a thing can happen).

    Thanks to friend have planned another escape weekend in September. Till then is one day..sometimes one hour at a time.

    Am also making with the sillies on facebook. Forgive me all that is sacred but sometimes superficial distraction is better than other options x