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Friday, 7 August 2009

The good, bad, ugly and a bit daft

Let's start with combining the bad and the ugly

Was yakky morning (weird combos of naff physical feelings and emotional torments) not improved by phone calls from 'officialdom'. Seems the advocacy service have been kept out to the picture in regards to what is happening with Dad. Updated his advocate and passed on details of relevant others she needs to talk with..whilst making it clear that I am not here to play a co-ordinating function nor to take responsibility for Dad's care. She asked if I would I rather she took over the linking role and I said "Yes, please". All I really need to know is what decisions are made and to have a say when it comes to decisions that I believe will have an impact on Dad's long term care and my well being.

Straight after, the person who is covering for the Director, in his absense, rang to ask me how things were. I told her I was feeling pants (migraine brewing) and that I had nothing much more to say because I hadn't seen Dad since Wednesday and had passed feedback from that to the Director. I think she was just touching base and that is fair enough but I am beyond tired of phone calls and particularly ones reminding me of things that I am struggling to handle.

Is going to be another case of taking phone out of socket and letting things be what they will.

Having self medicated to level of tolerating life, dragged sorry butt round to shops to pick up latest zoo photos. Derby trip ones are still being developed in some lab. Yep, it's baby elephant time. I treated myself to some marshmallows whilst out to go with hot choccies. That had to be done.

And so to the good. For me, it doesn't get much better than this:

Baby Needs Walkies

Baby Tired Now

She still hasn't got a name but news is that Mum (Kaylee) and baby are still doing well.

Here is the start, hopefully, of greater things. Whilst in Derbyshire sussed that bees absolutely love Lavender as they were to be found, every morning, swarming round the lavender in the garden. Trip to garden centre planned soon as rain eases up.

Ending on the daft. Here are my beloved tarten Converse. 3 years old and still hanging together although they have seen better days. Ha!


  1. manders ,

    bring on the elephants!

    i saw pic of the little guy on US site the other day so he's a little international star.

    like your little garden buddha too, very calming .

    smellies : lavender and rosemary are great for lifting the spirits as well as attracting bees , oh and staying with earlier playschool theme, bees like sunflowers too and they are just so easy and so much fun to grow , the seed flower heads make nice puddings with honey too .

    there's an illustrated guide here on other plants that attract bees

  2. Cheers Norm

    So lavender, rosemary and sun flower plants it is. Clocked Wilko's has a sale on plant pots so will try and get down there again next week. The garden centre trip will need to wait until Em's other half is free to take us but hoping it will be soon.

    Thanks for the guide. Will check that out later.

    Going to hurl myself in the bath as Em and Rob are due at 12. Wish me luck we are visiting Dad later.


  3. P.S. I thought the elephant was a girl but am not so sure now.

    Will make a perfect play mate for Euan whichever sex it is. When I was at the zoo, one of the keepers said that Euan is very protective of the baby. I just love elephants...they have their acts together.