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Friday, 21 August 2009

The trouble with Shrinks

well...could write a book...but one of the biggest problems is getting appointments with one you can trust (because you have built up some kind of positive communications with them) and then they move on. I am not sure why they have to move on but some bright spark will say it is something to do with training or building experience or some other bullshit!!!

Yes, am writing this because I have been sent a letter for my next appointment and it is with another shrink. Am wary of these people and their profession...15 minutes of talking about how you feel (whilst they nod or go "hmmmm") and a possible change of prescription at the end of it (for another medication that makes you feel even more crap than you already do).

I also dread them because, particularly with a shrink that doesn't know me, the most imporant thing for them will be my taking lorazepam and most probably they will tell me I should be coming off the stuff. Yeah, in an ideal world mate...and in an ideal world you wouldn't be able to give me other toxic crap because the pharma's wouldn't be allowed to produce it.

And before anyone comes on and tells me that drugs work...they can go have a look at my Dad, being pumped full of Dipixol (plus intermittent other stuff). Maybe, some drugs work for some people and recently I saw someone I was in acute care with. They had put on about 3 stone and had this glazed look on their face and were insisting they felt much better. That was their choice (but more likely their shrink made it for them). Well the part of me that can make objective decisions about' accepted maintenance' medication says it is stuck in the middle ages and I don't want it.

For sure am neurotic about this. Don't have a problem admitting that. Do have a problem trying to condensce the lack of trust around psychiatry, family dysfunction and all the emotional baggage that goes with it and not believing the hype in a 15 minute meeting.

I might postpone it....on grounds that negative reinforcement when visiting Dad doesn't incline me to believe that the shrink can do anything for me at all. That... as good as it is getting right is how it is going to be for forseeable future and I don't need any more jerking around. Problem then is GPs saying that I need okay from shrink to keep taking lozees.

Sometimes, all I want is to be left the heck alone to muddle along as I do. No pep talks, no toxic alternatives, no happy clappy pappy crappy.

Guess am asking too much!


  1. stigmatisedbysystem21 August 2009 at 11:10

    its a catch 22 situation intensified by services ' modernising ' cant help/wont help mentality. maybe when the shrinks start getting fired en masse they'll start reaching out to patients a little more ....

  2. Hows about a new quote?

    "Those who live by the system die by it".

    Hmmm...then there are those that suck the system dry. They seem to do alright.

    Yes, it's ling a long a defluffed bunny day :>)

  3. stigmatisedbysystem21 August 2009 at 23:27

    bunny with droopy ears :-(

  4. Sounds to be that you have accurately portrayed how this is, your not paranoid you have given justifiable reasons why you don't like/trust the system. It's not you
    !its a poor system