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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Changes to DLA and other Allowances - Stakeholder Group Members

Here is a list of the Stakeholder Members and their email addresses(note there is no representative from mental health charities bar Alzheimer's society):

Age Concern - Helena Herklots –
Allied Health Professions Federation –
Alzheimer’s Society -
Association of British Insurers - Nick Kirwan – contact form
Association of Directors of Adult Social Services - John Dixon -
Asthma UK - Neil Churchill -
Better Government for Older People - (this is the best I could do, BGOP don’t seem to have a website, just contacts for different areas)

British Association of Social Workers - Ian Johnston - nothing for I.J. - (chief exec.) (magazine)
Carers UK - Imelda Redmond -
Commission for Social Care Inspection - Paul Snell (Now Care Quality Commission)
Confederation of British Industry – (very difficult to find, this is director CBI London)
Counsel and Care - Anna Passingham –
Crossroads Association - Anne Roberts – contact form
Disability Alliance - Kate Nash -
English Community Care Association - Martin Green -
Equality 2025 - Rowen Jade – No website
Equality and Human Rights Commission - Gerry Zarb - - (England)
General Social Care Council - Mike Wardle -
GMB - Sharon Holder -
Help the Aged - Elizabeth McLennan -
In Control - Simon Duffy - (S.D. has left)
Independent Age - Janet Morrison - (London)
Institute of Public Policy Research - Sophie Moullin - (Press releases, no others)
Joseph Rowntree Foundation - Sue Collins -
The King's Fund - Richard Humphries - Tel: 020 7307 2400 (No email)
Local Government Association - Anne McDonald -
London School of Economics - Prof Julien Forder - (For disabled students)
Long Term Conditions Alliance - Mark Platt – (No website but it was on this site, it’s about health and social care)
Look Ahead Housing and Care Ltd - Victoria Stark -
Mencap - David Congdon -
National Care Association -
National Care Forum - Des Kelly -
National Centre for Independent Living - Sue Bott -
National Housing Federation - Rebecca Pritchard -
New Local Government Network -
NHS Confederation - Jo Webber -
Partnership Group - Ian Owen -
Princess Royal Trust for Carers - Alex Fox -
PRP Architects - (This is the London Branch or use contact form main office)
Race Equality Foundation -
RADAR - Beth Capper -
Registered Nursing Home Association - Ian Turner - email:
Relatives & Residents Association - Dr Gillian Dalley -
Royal College of Nursing - Howard Catton – Contact form
Skills for Care - Andrea Rowe – Contact form
Social Care Institute for Excellence - Julie Jones -
Social Enterprise Coalition - Jonathan Bland -
Social Security Advisory Committee -
Standing Commission on Carers -
UK Disabled People’s Council - Julie Newman – (No website, couldn’t find contact)
UK Home Care Association - Lesley Rimmer -
Unison -
University of Essex Professor - Richard Berthoud -
Voluntary Organisations Disability Group - Bryan Dutton -
Volunteering England - Sheila Hawkins -

I have emailed Kate Nash (who is one of the few representatives on the group who I think can represent (in part) those with mental illness. I do urge people to write to anyone they know with any say, power or connections asking them to defend the rights of disabled people to continue to have DLA payments,particularly as I believe that if the money is given directly to social services, people with mental illness will get little,if any, support from them in meeting their care needs.

My recent experience of them with my father is that they do the barest minimum and then discharge people as quickly as possible.


  1. Mental Health Charity

    Mind , Rethink and the Mental Health Foundation would be obvious choices to lobby but as they have practically moved in with the Department of Work and Pensions I dont see them beeing much help. I will however be writing to the Charity Commission and Members of Parliament calling for charity Directors to be forced to publish their expenses .

    A dirty business.....

    It is rumoured that there is a lot of shredding going on in certain quarters including shredding for claims for poodle patterned cushions and sequined sharkfin contour hugging cycling shorts.

  2. Sid

    Keep digging mate...but avoid contact with the sequined cycling shorts because you know where they've been! nudge nudge wink wink say no more.