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Monday, 29 June 2009

Making progress with the cards

This is the latest batch

Have had my first overseas order which, considering I don't have a website and big promo going on, is pretty good.

I still haven't heard back from the local festival organisers. I rang twice and asked if I could book a stall and was told someone would get back to me. Got a bit paranoid that it was a closed shop affair. You know the sort of event that revolves around a church community (If your name's not down you're not coming in). Will see. It could be a case of they haven't thought that far ahead but whatever....not going to get knickers in a twist over it. Their loss!!!!

Am going to stay with friends in Derbyshire soon and they have asked me to take a box of my cards with me because they have a market stall and want to sell them for me. I thought that was mega kind. Am a bit spooked that demands might outweigh my capacity to deliver (that is if people actually like the cards) but will cross that bridge when I come to it.

For now am happy to keep making them and access appropriate opportunities as and when.


  1. You are so talented! It takes a lot of artistic imagination to create the right balance of elements on this kind of scale and you have got the gift girl!

    People will love them without a doubt. I was making some cards for a local shop but haven't done any in months. They have to be quite sparsely decorated to make it commerically viable, but if it's done for pleasure then it's just nice to get creative and have fun with it. I worried that demand would be pressure. It was when I couldn't be bothered, but you could just fill a box at your own pace and take it to your friends a few times a year?

    Reminds me. Crafting clear out coming up. If you ever want Sizzix alaphabets or shapes cutting pls let me know. More than happy to supply a friend Xx

  2. Thanks CC

    Have ordered alot of new bits in because friend has asked for anniversary cards and I also want to try out some engagement cards too.

    Sizzix alphabets and shape cutting bits...well my lovely..I won't say no to anything. Like you wrote is nice to have a play and experiment.

    Been quite a busy morning here. Walked to local shops(by myself), did some washing, ordered weekly food and now need to get overnight bag together.

    Will email you tomorrow, when I can take time to write something half decent.

    Maybe we can share some cybercake :>)


  3. Wow Mandy, is great news regarding card orders ! You are brill at making them and hope you get to sell a load in Derbyshire !

    Take care sweetie

    Love sis xxx

  4. Think it's me who owes you a letter sweetie. I would be more than happy to send you some bits n pieces to play with. Speak soon yeah? XX

  5. hi manders,

    nice work and hope they do well on the stall.

    took me an age to figure out how mouse triggered close up' hand eye co-ordination is as bad as me dyslexia and rapid onset brain death today longer have what it takes to keep on rocking in the free world ...;-(

    going to ground until thursday-ish

  6. Hi Norm

    Not so sure about rocking in the free world but have done my fair share of rocking back and forth in the corner of my bedroom :>)

  7. Totally unrealated but I think Jack ' Cover-me-Back ' Straw deserves the Messiah of the week award as Mr Straw rejected a recommendation by the Parole Board wto release ailing villain Ronnie Biggs, 79.

    Straw said Biggs was "wholly unrepentant" about his actions and had "outrageously courted the media".

    He could almost be talking about former PM Tony Blair and his unlawful decision to invade Iraq. A decision that led to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

    Mr Straw originally opposed this as unlawful.

    Keepng Ronnie Biggs in jail is probably a waste of taxpayers money now , he no longer poses a threat to anyone . I'm not so sure we can say the same about selectively outraged Mr Straw as he has far more blood on his hands .

  8. Sid and Nancy (ha! ha!)

    Yeah! Jack Straw. What a schmoozer of a double standards player he is.

  9. Thanks for featuring Sraw as Messiah of the week , when it suited him he was an anti-establishment hippie , now he's just a scheming hypocritical bastard. i hope he gets raked over the coals in the iraq inquiry for his self righteousness .

  10. Fenner Brockway Award?

    Is that for his outstanding contribution to world peace?

    Or for letting his successor get all the glory for his hard work?

    The guy is a total hero...I should know I married him!!!!!