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Monday, 8 June 2009

So much for democracy

I know, in a democracy you have to go with majority votes BUT not one UK Green politician in Europe. What is all that about? Particularly, now the BNP have 2.

What is that saying... "All it takes is for good people to do nothing for evil to prosper"?...well it is something like that.

I didn't expect much from these elections but I did expect something a bit more positive (outside of the historical ping pong voting between Labour and Tory).

Ah well, I did me bit. It equated to fekk all but I tried.

I bow to the majority, actually I don't because the majority stayed home and didn't bother voting at all. I bow to the minority that voted for the Tories but I am as disillusioned with the public as I am the politicians.

So it will be back to more of the same old same as....possibly some tweaking around with policies but not enough to change things for the better.

Will it stop me voting in future? No! In fact, I am more likely to vote as an act of defiance rather than anything else.

Here's one for the political status quo:


  1. I didn't vote this time. There was no one I wanted to vote for. And unless the electoral system is changed, more & more people aren't going to bother to vote. We don't have a proper democracy here - just 2 old political machines swapping power every few years. It's depressing.

  2. Hi Robert

    I was in the same camp as you for a in too disillusioned to bother but then when I see BNP getting voted in I get bloody angry. I don't want the far right to gain power by default.

    I totally understand why people don't bother...the system really does stink but I had hoped that the caring side of human nature would shine through.

    I like the idea of a voting paper in which there is a box that says "None of the above". Certainly, I think I would have put my cross in that box for the local elections.

    I was 100% happy to vote Green in the euro elections and would have been happy to vote for them locally. People say they are a one policy party but if the environment isn't made a priority then there won't be anything to vote for in the future.

    Crap times we live in but I don't expect either Labour or the Tories to do anything that different from each other (apart from 3 line whipping their party members into compliance)..and certainly nothing of any meaning to me.

    Ho hum!

  3. whether its 2 or 22 political parties on the ballot the reality is alpha types who you wouldnt trust with ten bob to run to the shops for you are going to ruthlessly clamber over others to thrust themselves forward as parliamentary candidates promising the world but with every intention of betraying you for their own material ends the moment they are elected.

    this is how life is.

    our first past the post system just adds to the problem but there's the rub, political thug gordon brown will now dangle some form of PR and other necessary reforms in front of the electorate
    but make any potential legislation in these areas dependent on his parties re-election.

    new labour will never introduce PR for westminster elections nor will the tories.

    its a dire situation but this is the political reality in which people somehow have to make their votes count .

  4. Hi Norm

    Was watching Newsnight and they were talking about Machiavelli...he's as relevant now as he ever was.

    Ho hum.

  5. yes, gordon brown is machiavellian in all but one sense as he's totally incapapable of disguising the fact that he is a nasty , manipulative and bullying power monger behind the scenes .

    gordon brown isnt feared , the loss of the general election he's guaranteed his party is, he's simply reviled and that's not exactly adaptive within the world of politics and sooner or later some equally repulsive but totally machiavellian insider within his party will emerge from the shadows and plunge the long overdue dagger into his back with fatal consequences for the slobbering pretender.

    the sooner the better i say