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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Labrynthitis and the dizzy wizzy woo woos

Am now heading towards 3rd week with the Labrynthitis. Am really sussy about in questioning whether it is Labrynthitis. Think my concern was prompted by total lack of concern or useful information provided me by GP. She said it was a case of a virus going when it goes and more or less putting up with it until such time as it does. Easy for her to say!!!

In attempt to try and get my head round (and then deal with) what it all means, I joined a network specifically for people with this and other vertigo related illnesses. It could, if I let it, make me more paranoid because there seems to be a variety of inner ear/neurological disorders that people have there. Some suffering similar symptoms to me.

I hadn't been associating my migraine attacks with the recent symptoms but there is a daily headache which veers (if not controlled by self medicating) into migraine territory. I know, I am dancing with the devil by using lorazepam as a cover all ailments drug but it works the best. Perhaps it causes rebound when it wears off but in the absence of (as is the usual case), it is my 'wooby blanket'.

It is the dizzyness that is the worst symptom of all. Worse than the swooshy liquidy feeling around my right ear, worse than the intermittent buzzing, the feelings that there is some heavy pressure that often makes it hard to concentrate or the threatening headaches because it is a bugger to negotiate around.

Bit of a swine really because I had been, sort of, making progress with agoraphobia. Had managed to walk to town a couple of times and was doing bi-daily, sometimes daily, walks to local shops. Now I feel that I am back to square one...not just because I am getting dizzy and that is restricting what I do but because there is no real timescale on when the Labrynthitis will abate. From reading other postings and information about other people's experiences it can take months or even years for things to settle. Something to do with the brain having to learn to compensate...readjust.

The concensus seems to be that if the symptoms haven't abated by week 8 then is time to go back to GP and ask for referral to a specialist clinic (where professionals help people to learn the art of retraining the brain). Is weird laughing because my brain is definately beyond re-training when it comes to dealing with the bipolar. Or maybe it isn't so much beyond it but more a white flag waving part of me. HMMMM!

Actually for all my 'self victimisation' have been fighting back. I only give in and go to bed when the dizzyness is overpowering (room spinning continually). With the aid of friend, got to town to do some essentials and have been making cards. Even walked Dad to the shops midweek, although the stress of that bought on bad dizzy attack.

Good news to start wrapping this blog post up on is that Dad seems to be in a more positive state. Went round last night with Em and he asked me if he could come to mine and watch the Andy Murray match today. For sure. I will be watching it really into Wimbledon even though Rafa isn't playing. Rafa is the don of the tennis court and a bit scummy. .... Also after I told him about the Age Concern ad in the local magazine, he spoke with his support worker and it looks like he is willing to get some support with walking about outside. Hopefully, that is because he has a desire to walk about outside.

My aim (either because dizzyness has eased or I have medicated myself beyond it) is to get to 'The Elvis Night' next Friday. Was never big on Elvis but I really could do with some fun.


  1. Really glad your Dad is being more positive Mandy. Know that will make things easier for you.

    Think the Elvis thing will perk you up even if not big fan.

    didn;t catch the game myself, sure will be on news when I watch later.

    You take care and will buzz you soon.

  2. Hi Lareve

    Am glad to hear from you. Appreciate you have been having your own 'stuff' to be dealing with. :>)

    Is a very tentative positive with Dad because he needs a certain amount of coaxing to do things (even the things he says he is going to do) but any positive step is a good one and he made it to mine and thoroughly enjoyed watching the match.

    I think that is the best I have seen Andy Murray play. Okay, so the other chap was rather erratic as a player but even so Andy's playing was top notch and the other guy was outplayed (that is an understatement).

    Venus Williams is through to the next round. I like watching her play. I don't normally do sports but love the Wimbledon tournament.

    Planning a dossy day here. Had 'mowing lawn' on to do list but that has gone out the window until the next mild day appears. Is not essential.

    You take care too and look forward to call x

  3. I can't imagine how horrid it must be to be feeling unsteady and dizzy. It just sounds so utterly unpleasant! You have a fantastic attitude and self pitying is just about the last thing anyone could accuse of being. You bear up with remarkable wit and humour. Hope that the forum thingy is proving useful?

    I really hope that you can get out in that garden of yours and enjoy the good weather that we are promised this week. With luck we'll have Murray to support to the last day instead of feeling disappointed half way through Wimbledon with the rain lashing down as has been the case for as many years as I can remember. Pleased to hear your Dad's on better form too.

    Will be in touch v.soon. Take care of yourself fabulous lady and have a fantastic week of tennis and sunshine X

  4. Hi CC

    Honey, I can do a heavy line in self pity but I prefer not to spend any more time there than necessary. :>)

    Not sure am going to handle the heatwave too well. I prefer it around 25% degrees.

    Think it will be a week of sitting as close to the fan as possible, feet dangled in a bucket of cold water and sucking on ice lollies (hoping, like you, that Andy Murray can break with tradition and 'go all the way')

    Need to venture to town later as a lady in America has bought 3 of my cards. Am really chuffed about that.

    Had planned to go to a Chinese buffet with Dr J but really can't see that happening if it gets as hot as anticipated. We might end up buying a Subway baguette and finding a shaded spot in the park. Hope they have an ice cream van close by.

    Catch up soon xx