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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey

The UK wide Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey to capture what's happeningin the UK at various NHS Trust areas has been launched, and Mental Health Users are already inputing into it . Its a democratic service user's action

The exercise was inspired by PD and Borderline PD Mental Health Services Users after services have been seen to be failing people. It was felt this needed to be surveyed for how wide it might be happening and indeed where were the strong points for current service delivery as well as weak ones.

The survey was designed by Users after conversations and finally hosted on "Survey Monkey" which is a site for instance that PCT's have used to collect data . Its based on "indicative data capture" - so further work can follow - questions etc.

The link to the survey is below :

The results we hope in a few months will be made publicly available -provided the input is significant and justifies work on a report stage

None of this exercise was entramelled in "process" - it was, and is simply part of proper us of democratic freedom and an exercise in responsibility .

At least two more underlying aims of the exercise is to raise Mental Health User-confidence in the internet model of data capture and create a sense of more direct patient and public liaision with bodies like the Care Quality Commission and National Association For LINks Members, as well as opening up the Online process of health democratics so patients and public can also start to own the right to measure the services and own the results too* .

The internet makes this possible .

The cost implications of all this have been* zero*, apart from voluntary input .

A survey method like this quite clearly can be duplicated and or re-formatted for data-capture in other ways for other types of health population.

That's is a point that must interest all .

Its not a pancea format but its a real tool and services users can develop it and gain expertise to create accountability

A promotion-launch film for the PD Spectrum survey was also hosted at YOUTUBE

Paul Brian Tovey .

An Independent Mental Health Monitor

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  1. Well done , I'm sure once you guys have have refined the process Dr Andrew McCulloch and David Crepaz Keay and Co of the Mental Health Foundation will be rushing off to Comic Relief with the likes of Mind and Rethink again to submit a million pound bid to do something similar only watered down to suit their corporate aims.

    Support other service users not corrupt affluent MH charities like the Mental Health Foundation, Rethink and Mind.