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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Frustrations around blogging

I deleted this blog and then restarted it. Wasn't exactly what I was aiming for.

I wanted to change it but so be it. Will be as is until such time as I can get the sort of blog I really want. Am working, at present, without success to develop a website purely for my cards. This is where I could do with some of that 'training for the mentally ill' (there's plenty of organisations funded with the remit of developing us into 'useful human beings')...a few focused hours my way wouldn't damage their budgets..surely? I really need some 1:1 support in website development inluding how to get paypal to work on it. Spent hours, last night, following the easy to use instructions .....hmmmm! So that is in pending file..pending whatever, whenever.

Have been following neuroskeptics blog. Is a fav. Tried to reply on there but ended up on someone's elses blog. DOH! Was my typical '"where's the fucking research to substantiate anything?' response. Can't be arsed to repost it there and the above statement covers nearly all of what I wrote anyway.

So many things are going on in the great outside. Too many to go into any depth about but have a couple of grouches (surprise, surprise) such as SO MUCH FOR THE REFORMING NEW BRUSH SPEAKER IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS and £9 MILLION FOR THE RSB OVERLORD. Another case of all change and nothing changes at all!!!

Some bloke at the Guardian has written an article on Welfare Reform. Bless them for showing signs of empathy, the HO Lords and Lib Dems are trying to get a clause into the bill excempting the severely mentally ill from being herded off to the job centre and then penalised if they aren't actively seeking work. Wouldn't take bets on that clause being accepted...even in these 'Let's play spot the job' times. What we need is another £1 million pound anti stigma campaign that will make employers more willing and able to employ those of us with 'out there disabilities'.

For anyone interested, the outcomes of recent 'welfare reform' debates will be on Hansard from Friday night. Have been given this link Personally, I think that whatever the powers that be decide won't make much difference to employers' perspetives on the employablity of people with mental ilness nor will it affect people's capacity or incapacity. Still got to ask the question, Whatever happened to the 'flexible work' debate?

And so to some relatively good news. Awfully nice shrink doesn't want me to go on Lithium until Labrythnitis has subsided. He thinks it is best, that if and when I start it, I start it on a level playing field. Oh! for a level playing field. Certainly adding another layer into the physical effects of the virus (still questioning whether it is a virus or something else like Menieres...or hypochondriacal problem solving of something that will abate when my immune system feels up to the task to start kicking back)...never worked before so doubt it will now).

And if that was the good news better to end this blog post here!!!!


  1. Welcome back, missed you this morning & was a little worried.


  2. Thanks Jeremy :>)

    Sorry to have worried you though. I think people are getting a bit concerned about my paranoia. Is not normally something (like the full blown thinking people are spying on you bit)I suffer with.

    Think the Labrynthitis is making me edgy. I really need to sleep but, such as it is, my brain will not slow down enough to allow me that and whilst awake everything is seeming visually challenging. Keep banging into things.

    My no 1 goal, at present, is to stay out of the acute unit because going there would deffo send me over the edge.

    Such is life eh?

  3. manders,

    welcome back .

    yeah, havent we done well with the new speaker? ex secretary of monday club's ' immigration and repatriation committee' .


    bercow's opening speech remninding MPs that they had all entered the house in response to the 'call to serve ' had many of them wearilly shaking their heads as they imagined the indignant nation taking to the rooftops to nightly chant 'what a load of old bollocks!'

    what a start huh? if any of those greedy bastards heard an inner voice compelling them to serve any interests bar their own they'd probably self diagnose schitzophrenia!

    who knows though if bercow keeps drifting across ideological lines we may well end up with the first jewish speaker representing the BNP. he looks bomkers enough! maybe he's one of can never tell...

    but i suppose he's better than margaret beckett..just. there's no doubt in my mind that we could and would have got a better new speaker if thats what MPs had genuinely set out to achieve...

    other blogs: i liked the fact that the neuroskeptic questioned where the MH charities got their '1 in 4 ( or whatever ) has MH issues ' figure from and i was not suprised that gormless politically correct Shift were unable to answer that question even though they have the statistic plastered all over their promotional literature and it's practically the fucking slogan for their latest ' public awareness raising ' poster campaign.


    also sorry to read you're still being clobbered by incoming and
    didnt realise you were having probs setting up a card site. if they persist holler .

  4. Evening Norm

    Don't it make you want to chuck your lot up?

    Having taking third lozee and a stemetil. Yes, it got that bad...was finally managing to get off to kept ringing. In the end got up and it was Dr J ranting cos I was ignoring him., I was just trying to get some peace and quiet.

    He started a tirade of abusive texts so have switched that thing off. There's always some incoming demand that insists on attention. Hmmm!

    I've now got Suki tapping on me shoulder. Although she is a kitty so not on my Hit List for when I feel better.

    Heading off to give her some fusses but will be in touch about the website. Remember I am a complete techno plank so the sub-idiot's guide is needed. Ta for the might live to regret it. :>)