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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Word Verification

I have now got the word verification box comes up when posting comments on here.

Does anyone know how to disable that because I think it is a bloody nuisance?


  1. Morning Mandy - go to customise, settings, comments, scroll down and there is a little box that lets you turn it off. Don't forget the button that says 'save settings' - I always do. Ta da! Hope that helps, D

  2. There is another issue with awkword word verification systems ,a disability issue as people who are very shortsighted like me often have a really hard time making out what the letters of the word to be verified are because they are deliberately obscured to prevent spam bots reading them. Some verifications systems will have an audio function to read out the word but the bottom line is bloggers should be aware that cumbersome and time consuming word verification processes often deter people from reading and posting on blogs far more than they deter spam bots.

  3. Thanks D

    Am off for the weekend so will sort it out when I am back.

    Take care :>)


    I am not sure why there even needs to be a verification box. If it is to check if people can spell..then to what ends? As in will it then do something to the blog that aids people to spell better or be able to read blogs better? Hmmm

    Anyway, need to try and get my act together. Will be in touch soon :>)