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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Give It Some Welly - Uplifting Story of The Week

In the wee hours of this morning, heard a story, on local radio, about a woman who bought the old Woolworth's store she used to manage and has taken on the staff who used to work there.

The store was not only popular but made profits so she is hoping that by re-opening the store she will keep the custom of people who used to shop there (hopefully get some new custom too).

She is calling the store 'Wellworths' and wants it to be known as 'Wellies'.

The full story is available here:

Am not a Daily Mail fan but this story warrants a viewing.


  1. UK Mental Health Poverty Industry Charities Mind and Rethink are at it again , doing the "If only " bulshit on historical figures to highlight how badly people with MH issues are discriminated against in society today.

    Florence Nightingale , Churchill, ,Lincoln and Darwin are headlined as nutters who wouldnt have got as far as they did if they were around today.

    The report speculates that without Churchill, Britain could have made a compromise peace agreement in 1940, allowing a Nazi-dominated Europe and the loss of freedom and democracy.

    This is all well and good but Churchill was deeply into Eugenics at the early part of the 20th century and chaired the International Eugenics Committee so there's more of a case for making the argument the other way round, that without Churchill helping popularise , respectablise and internationalise eugenics maybe there wouldnt have been a Nazi Party based on the same belief in superior genes.

    So yeah if young Winnie was around today advocating deporting the disabled to the colonies to purify the race ( as he did do as Home Secretary ) I doubt he'd get very far as Mind and Rethink would be baying for his blood.

  2. Do you think Norm? I think the MH Charities would be sucking up to him for funding. Ha!