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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Darzi's Being Wheeled Out Again

Circa latest NICE Newsletter

NHS Evidence, first mentioned in Lord Darzi's Next Stage Review will go live on 30 April 2009. This new service will transform access to and understanding of high quality health and social care evidence.

Who the fekk does he think he is kidding?

For more bullshit go to:


  1. For someone like me who spends most of his waking hours writing, the production of voluminous bullshit is a trivially easy task.

    I'm available for £28 hour.

    I have no standards at all; I once even worked for the Daily Mail - until the extreme, gut-wrenching immorality of it, drove me to drugs, homelessness and despair.

  2. Socrates

    For people like Darzi I wouldn't even get out of bed for less than £100 per hour and that is before I write anything which would be something like "Everything this bloke is involved in sucks".

    You worked for The Daily Mail. Prejudice and entrapment is everywhere. I worked in a college for 20 wasn't any better there viz a vie politics and backstabbing.

    My problem in regards to attempting to climb any greasy pole has always been my pre-dispostion to tell the truth.

    One of the reasons why I am jobless and most probably wouldn't last more than a week (even if my mental health improved) in work wis that I get one whiff of bureaucratic bollocks and am out of my pram.

    I can't stand jobsworths, meetings, most kinds of paperwork and slimy little arse lickers.

    On a brighter note and hoping it is a brighter guessing you are no longer homeless although not sure about the drugs and am not going to judge you for that. best,for anyone with a consiounce, is a transient thing. Hoping that you get some transient happiness and other pozzie things along the way.

  3. Another one of New Labour's politically correct appointed mouthpieces , the tame 'Iraqi' grafted on to the establishment to offset invading Iraq for WMD's that we knew were never there .

    Darzi should be helping patch up Iraq's health system and his fellow Iraqis whatever their ethnic background not sucking up to New Labour to bulshit about the NHS.

  4. Ara Darzi would be pissed off to be described as acting like a grovelling mouthpiece for Government yet in Britain's class ridden society Darzi cares not one jot for the sensibilities of the majority of working class people for whom the honours system is a total irrelevance in this time of general systems failure and recession.

    Would Darzi be a a more competent surgeon if he was called Sheik Darzi?

    Professor Darzi should think long and hard about contributing to outdated prejudices and honour systems that are divisive within society , he has earned his professional qualifications here ( well the non honourary ones anyway ) but Ara Darzi has not earned the right to be called Lord, no mortal has the right to expect others to call him this.

    Let's have less medieval pomp and ceremony and more 21st century reality in how the NHS is managed and operated , patients dont need to be Lorded over , we simply need services that work .