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Monday, 9 February 2009

I have a Lily in my Garden

Whilst walkies round my insanity, I came across the new song by Lily Allen. I had never got her before (I thought she was a bit twee) but this is delightful as well as saying what I think alot of people are thinking right now.

Another song that has been going round me head is by X Ray Specs. A short lived but acutely astute punk band.

Moving swiftly through the 'Society Eats Itself' section of this posting. Another little gem form Specs (with a back handed homage to Woolies):

Aversion therapy (apart from sedation) also included watching 'The Devil Wears Prada', whilst making cards. Thought I would hate the film but it easy to watch and had some moral fibre to help digest all the pap.

Today I attempted to use an inhalator to curb my smoking. Lasted 3 hours before I wanted to pick my brain out with a knitting needle. Any self sacrifice for the greater health of myself has now been swiftly shafted back in the pending file (pending divine that ever happens, or brain transplant).

A review meeting has been organised for Dad, this Wednesday. Wish I could enthuse but I fear another round of my suggestions, Trust staff excuses and then it will be back to Bedlam for Dad and me.

As for my CMHT. I haven't heard from my care co-ordinator for 2 weeks. Since she went off sick and haven't spoken to my support worker for over a week. Snow played it's part but also that 'can't be arsed' attitude that is thriving in the NHS. I can no longer be arsed to give them the benefit of the doubt. Cue Meryl Streep, dressed as something from 'The Crucible', seeking to clean out the closet.


  1. Hope the review meeting goes well Wednesday and nice to see Poly Styrene again. She had a lot of MH issues too but was the real deal.

  2. Thanks Norm

    I love X Ray Specs. Think it is time to hunt out their album.

    Am highly anxious of Wednesday's meeting but it COULD bring forth some real care for Dad.

  3. Hi Lucy

    Hi Lucy

    I like the wig :>)