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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I want that one! NOT!

Sadly, that wallpaper is not all in the MIND!!!

Nuff said.


  1. I like the wallpaper

    From Johanna
    Aged 5 and a half

  2. "OK, lets sum up to see what we've got: this individual lives in Letchworth, has schmaltzy multi coloured poodle wallpaper , pink cushions, a camp lamp and the startings of a combover ... this is somone who is desperate for attention , who loves to be in the media and on tv. This is a poodle lover who is a bit of a poodle himself."

  3. This is very revealing of the real Paul Farmer - The Man who Would Be A Poodle! David Crepaz Keay famously dissed Farmer who is currently the Director of Mindas 'Pill Pharmaceutrical' on the naughty anonymous website he set up with charitable funds. 'Paul the Poncey Poodle' would have been a bit more apt as in the interview Farmer wasnt pro-drugs at all but he bulshitted about stigma and discrimination when asked about phobias.

    Its a pity Farmer decided to stigmatise himself with the poodle wallpaper.

  4. I am intrigued why Mind CEO Paul Farmer can drag himself out of bed on a Sunday to comment at length on what was clearly a sensationalist news item while he makes no effort at all to highlight the problems of services failing or being modernised away even though this problem is so prevalent now that my NHS Trust, a London based 'flagship' Foundation Trust that has established overly close working relations with Mind and other charities has just been slammed by the Healthcare commission for providing the worst community services in the country and Mandy's Trust is failing so badly that it has set its sights on being taken over by an out of area Trust and its staff and managers , the competent as well as incompetent , are so demoralised that they are leaving in droves.

    Mr farmer has no excuse whatsoever for failing to notice the decline of the latter Trust as its situated 13 miles away from his poodlerised love nest. Farmer has a very good incentive to remain silent about the deterioration of MH services nationally and locally as his plans to transform Mind into the biggest voluntary sector service provider in the country absolutely depend on handouts from Government and being awarded contracts to run services for or in conjunction with local NHS Trusts.

    Mind no longer functions to serve the interests of its stated beneficiaries and people should stop donating money to Mind and demand professional accountability and standard auditing procedures to accompany any public money shunted its way.

  5. As far as I am concerned Mind provide an excellent service , the day centre they used to run here was second to none up until the stabbing but Mind shouldnt be held responsible for that, many employers fail to vet their own staff for drug convictions besides the individual in question was a Brazillian agency worker.

    Thankfully the service user stabbed wasnt too badly injured and the manager phoned from her holiday in Lagos to reassure the local media that the centre would learn lessons from the incident once she returned.

    I used the centre a lot as they had a piano . The youngsters got bored with the mixed age group though, knitting isnt as fashionable as it once was and I think some of the more insecure youngsters felt intimidated by my aptitude for breakdancing.

    Anyway, I wont have a word said against Mind and I think Mr Farmer's wallpaer is fetching .My mother used to like that kind of thing and woolie cardies. I had a Yorkshire Terrier once too.

  6. This is the limit. Mind are using money donated by the public during a recession to call someone a Mental Health Hero.

    Nominate your mental health hero


    Mental health charity Mind is looking for nominations for mental health heroes to become its Mind Champion of the Year.

    The award celebrates people who have worked throughout 2008 to challenge stigma, contributing to a greater understanding of mental health issues.

    Nominees can be anyone who has made an outstanding achievement in improving the lives and experiences of people with mental health problems.

  7. There is no limit (in regards to fannying around) to what goes on in charities, Anon.

    Not sure, in theory, that I am anti praising people who do really useful things for fact I think it is a good thing... but am a bit suss as to how Mind will decide who their Champion is and why.