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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Waking, crying, sleeping, waking

That was how my day went.

Have had contact with members of Dad's MH team. Another review meeting is being arranged. Objectively thinking, this might lead to something better. Is the tiredness that got to me really...and feeling hopeless.

His care co-ordinator said that all I have to do is ring them and they will come round. Viz a vie the traumatic trip to the local shops. That will be good, if it happens. Only I can never know when Dad is going to need something. Like with the meds that didn't turn up and running out of food and needing to go to the shops but will ring them if necessary and hopefully they will be able to help.

The team manager rang and it was his idea to have a review meeting. I dont' mind going to the meeting, if it does make some difference. He said I worry too much. Maybe I do but when you are on your own, trying to work out what is best for a family member it is hard not to worry. I want the best kind of care for Dad and I don't think he is getting it and after a year, I don't have much faith that he will get it either.

Anyway, have stopped crying. Which is something and I got a long sleep, which bought some peace. I was woken by a friend, ringing me because she was worried about me. That was actually quite positive. To know someone cared enough about me to ring. Silly maybe or not silly but not mega but sometimes it is things like that which help me to carry on.

Am going back to sleep because I am tired again. Sleep isn't always the best place with depression but it can help recharge the batteries.


  1. Hey, I HAVEN'T got depression, and what you do would wear me out. I'm familiar with the endless meetings to get a reasonable care plan - I sometimes wonder if it isn't all about wearing the instigator down, so that they'll go away and the Dept will save money...

    Yes, I'm THAT cynical.

  2. Just sending our love from the snowy Cotswolds, Mandy. Take care, D x

  3. Hi Robert

    I feel that is what is being done with me. As in wearing me works sometimes too but I have to keep trying for Dad.

    And they don't come more cynical than me :>)

  4. Hi D

    I bet the Cotwolds look beautiful. Hope it isn't too cold there.

    My friend has written back about staying at his croft. I think I will be going end of Feb. I need to try and get something sorted for Dad first.


  5. Sometimes sleep is the only thing that is of any use to me too. We need to rest our brains and if it means sleep then so be it.I can see you r point with attending meetings, it's action that is needed really. How much are they really aware that you are not coping with all this stuff regarding your Dad ? It's all well and good thta bloke saying you worry too much but I'd like to see him or anybody else in his team manage what you do with Bi Polar to boot.
    Take care sweetie.
    Love and hugs
    Sis xxx

  6. Thanks Sis

    I think it is more a case of how much or little they want to be aware.

    Being aware means having to do something and that is what the problem seems to be..that they don't want to do things..except have meetings.

    Well my years of experience of meetings is that is all talk and no action.

    Hugs much appreciated.

    Hugs and love back to you xx