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Monday, 16 February 2009

Art for the sake of avoiding some rather tacky pooches

Was going to print a rather fetching picture of Paul Farmer (Chief Honcho and trend setter of Mind). Following on from his interview on a C4 programme (not dissimilar in core nature to what Pavlov did with his doggies) about mind alteration for post trauma victims.

Actually, I shall delve a bit further and say it was to do with trials which had taken place (actually giving me weird vibes about the Clockwork Orange effect) where people were given electric shocks to ensure they got trauma and phobias and were then treated with beta blockers to ease their troubled psyches. Personally, it all seems a bit macabre to me...and anyway one of the side effects of taking beta blockers is depression so not sure alls well that will end well but is progress of a sorts and might lead to something more substantial...or more fekked up minds than were there to start with but hey ho. It's research and it keeps people in jobs (or gives them something to do).

But the decor will have to in the decor Mr Farmer had placed himself in front of the interview for. Me thinks he was either on prozac when he bought that wall paper or was getting in touch with his feminine side. All will be revealed in the next blog posting (some time tomorrow).

Instead...I wanted to put up my cards because apart from the Carers' Valentine Disco on Saturday (which went pretty well and I got to shake my toosh a fair amount) the other highlight of my weekend was making cards.


  1. Hope the Valentine Disco was fun , I was thinking of inviting Helen Thrace out to athe local restaurant for a romantic night out but then remembered she passed away in a roller skating accident in 1971 . I blame Melanie . Poor girl never saw the milk float reversing...

    I am getting a bit forgetful though maybe the scientists can come up with a drug that helps people remember things next, seems to me that on balance that would be more socially beneficial .

    Glad you are still enjoying making cards. Did you make any Valentine Cards. I got two in 1973.

  2. Wallace

    Milk floats are dodgy things..remember Ernie?

    Perhaps they could do a contra med that does the exact opposite of helping people forget. On the Wright Stuff this morning they reckon that drugs will be available over the counter to aid people forget their sorrows. Wonder what the psychotherapists have to say about it.

    I in make valentine's cards and sold a couple.

    I would have sent you one..had I had contact details. :>)

    Take care me old China.

  3. That card with the flutterbye on it is beautiful! I don't like to think about electric shocks, it reminds me too much of one of the first scenes from "Return to Oz".

    Lola x

  4. I am loving all your cards they're so luverly .

  5. Hi Lola

    I think shocking people to give them phobias and then medicating them to take phobias away is a bit Room 101-ish.

    And I can't see how that actually does relate to serious trauma although I remember watching a programme about a doctor in France who specialised in medication and treatment of trauma victims and the one person who spoke about the treatment said it worked for her (she had been raped).

    Perhaps it is too early to know exactly what is going on and how that is going to work (for more people) in the long term.

    I tried beta blockers to ease migraines and became morosely depressed. Not the sort of outcome I was hoping for.

    Glad you liked the butterfly. I have a thing about butterflies. The opposite of a phobia. Ha! ha! x

  6. Thanks Sis

    I love making the cards xx