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Monday, 6 April 2009

The Underdogs Have Their Day

A much maligned and unjustly punished football team got their vengeance yesterday. In spite of being deducted 30 points at the start of the season (Thanks to some b'stardy boardroom managers and an unfair system) they have fought hard and although it is still likely that they will be relegated out of the league they won the Johnstone's League Cup (the equivalent of FA cup for Leagues 1 and 2).

I listened to the match with Dad. It should have been put on one of the main tv channels (I don't subscribe to Sky Sports on grounds that I am only really interested in my home town and they are rarely given viewing space).

Was edge of seat stuff. Scunthorpe drawing first blood and my heart sank but I kept on yelling at the radio...cheering like I was there, for my town.

Luton rallied and got a goal back and in the second half, we scored first. The, slightly rough around the edges, dudey Tom Craddock. I thought it was all over. It wasn't yet!! With 4 minutes left before the final whistle Scunthorpe got a goal back.

I had to leave the room and let out a string of prophanities before returning to listen to the extra time commentary.

Mick Harford, who has done a pretty good job of keeping morale up this season, made a game winning decision because Scunthorpe had used all their subs and he had kept Luton's back (just in case). Clever bunny. Used to full effect in extra time as it was the Luton sub who scored the winning goal for us.

I don't remember being that excited about anything since the last time I was excited about anything (and i can't remember when that was).

I didn't listen to the post match, post mortum, cos Luton won and that is as good as it gets.

Emanuel was my man of the match cos he played a blinding defence game and I could tell, from the commentary, he was doing great work getting the ball back where it needed to be (out of Luton end of pitch).

And as I have wanted to do all season, I have stuck 2 fingers up at the FA and their suits (fekkin bourjois wankers that they are). Kick Luton when they are down but they come back and show what they are made of.......and if the team get relegated, they will be promoted again.



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