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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

It's too hard to be publicly 'nice' all the time (privately well who knows anyway)

And being a shit bag takes up alot of energy too but sometimes it has it's uses!!

Hot from internet chit chat in regards to personal irritation levels and certain people that get the goat, was contemplating doing a list of people I loathe..with a counter balance of people I admire. A bit of yin and yang. People I admire is in pending file at present. Dealing with the former here.

Only is more about certain types of people rather than specific people (although Max Clifford and Ben Elton are right up there).

It's the hypocrites that really get me. More so than the veciferous pro or anti factions.

Max Clifford is an example of someone who will shift opinion as soon as he smells the dosh. I remember the post Big Brother racist scandal and seeing him interviewed and how vocal he was about Ms Goody's behaviour in the house and how it would destroy (and rightly so in his opinion) her celebrity status. Next thing she gets cancer and he is selling her as the poor man's Princess Di.

Ben Elton...well the militant leftie turned nouveau Labour bourjois did it for me. I can't see the point to 'We Will Rock You' (his version) at all. I think Freddie Mercury was a superb performer, Queen were an epic band and it doesn't take some rip off farce to get that.

Rumour..which hopefully is just a rumour..on the media grapevine is that there is going to be 'Jade Goody' The musical of her life. For fekk sake, where is the baseline on crassness? and the sad thing is I can see it playing to packed seats. Scary!

And with that in is a homage to all those musicals that really are a waste of £30+ a ticket.

Counter balance, I think Omid Djalili will make a stonkin' Fagin when he takes up the role in the West End production of 'Oliver Twist'. Give it some welly mate!


  1. Omg Mandy I loved that vid clip song, appeals to my sense of humour !!! Made me think so much about Evita especally with the suitcase ! I am with you on this - oh shit I hate cliches !! So might draw up a list of my irritations a la peeps who annoy and peeps who are glorious ! Alongside things that irritate and vice versa !!
    Am procrastinating writing assignment, but also cos angst build up about one of my usuals!
    Love Sis xxx

  2. Life is a funny old thing Sis.

    Had just commented on Aethelread's blog about fatalistic approach to a possible flu pandemic when a news bulletin came on the radio station to say that a woman in Hertfordshire has tested positive for 'Swine Fever' (although being pedantic it isn't exactly swine fever... more a hybrid of 3 different strains). Anyway, there is a bio-something or other lab in Hertfordshire working to develop a treatment and they reckon it will take 3 weeks.

    So there you go..there was me actively avoiding the news but it seeps in.

    I won't be providing any more updates as the papers and news stations will be updating to the max.

    You know, I was thinking about my list of people I like and dislike and thought "What about a list of people I am ambivalent about?" only I am that ambivalent, is it really worth the effort to write the list anyway?

    A bit like not being arsed to be apathetic :>)

    Good luck working through procrastination. Em always gets anxty before starting on an assignment and then, once she has started, she gets on a roll. I can get like that over my card making...although is not as essential as course still same underlying issues.

    At present am needing to sell bulk of what I have done to be able to fund something more sustainable.

    Have afforded one display unit..although they don't come cheap and will buy another in a couple of weeks.

    Hopefully, by then, a local craft fair will be looming and I can sell some in order to buy more crafty bits and so hopefully it will go.

    Just hope the craft fair falls on a day when I am without the joys of womanhood and not struggling with my illness. All this thinking about having to juggle is bringing on a nosebleed.

    One step at a time Mand...and my first step is to the kettle to make a cuppa.