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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Beds and Luton Partnership Trust Up For Grabs

East of England trust offered up for merger
8 April, 2009 | By Dave West

NHS organisations are being invited to bid to merge with a trust in the East of England.

NHS East of England said the decision to offer Bedfordshire and Luton Mental Health and Social Care Partnership trust up for merger was a first for the health service.

The strategic health authority wants a merger to be under way by the end of the year and hopes to establish a model for handling trusts not expected to make foundation status.

The trust’s chair and non-executive directors announced in February that they would step down to make way for a merger, after accepting it would not become a foundation in its present form.

NHS organisations have been askedUp for Grabs to submit expressions of interest, which will be assessed by the SHA.

Innovative proposals
Director of strategy Stephen Dunn said it had discussed the process with the Department of Health, Monitor and the competition and collaboration panel.

“We would like to establish this as an exemplar of how these transactions happen in future,” he said.

“We are really keen to encourage innovative proposals, for example including joint ventures.”

The process is open to non-foundations but Mr Dunn said: “The key criteria will be ability to deliver a successful foundation trust model.”


  1. PMSL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is so ironic Mandy !

    Love Sis xxx

  2. Is this a first? Do local people get a say? What do the politicians think of this? Is it a done deal?

    Somebody should investigate this whole matter before it happens, don't you think?

  3. Hi Sis

    Sometimes things just seem to flow. Like the watching of the Cole Porter film and that song seeming the most apt for the shambles that is going to ensue.


  4. Hi Robert

    I think it is a first. I haven't heard of another Trust being put out to tender before.

    I agree with you. I might write to my MP but find it difficult enough to be keeping him up to date and on the case with Dad's situation. I am not sure asking questions of any of the government bodies will get a half decent answer. I don't think they care what patients want or bother listening anymore (if they ever did).

    This isn't about patient care. It is about getting Foundation Status..and lots of gold stars for bureaucratic compliance.