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Monday, 27 April 2009

The latest cutty outty bits

The last card was made for Dad but, looking at what it represents, think I will keep that one to meself and make him another..with something less isolatory as a theme.


  1. Very nice Mandy.I see Cilla Black has put in an appearance on one of them !

    I liked the lighthouse one - maybe cos I just love seascapes,beachviews. I am still like a kid at heart when it comes to the seaside.Maybe one day I'll get to have my cottage or lighthouse by the see !!!

    Have you some more we can all see ?

  2. Hi Sis

    Cilla Black. I never thought of her but resemblance is striking. :>)

    I made it cos Dad likes the seaside...well most people do but he used to be at his most content by the sea.

    Hmm...I have a fair few cards but can't remember what I have put up before.

    Having an afternoon slump here so going for a bath and then lie down but will try and hunt out ones that have done recently and not shown here.


  3. Have you ever thought about selling some of your creations? You've obviously got talent.

  4. Hi Robert

    thanks for compliment. Sometimes I think they (the cards) are quite good and I have a flair and other times I think they suck and I am useless.

    I sell them on a small scale. Mostly when people ask me to make them for special occasions.

    Not sure I could cope with doing it as a small business.

    Some days I am really buzzing and can make a fair few and other times, a week or so can go by before I feel up to making them.

    For example, today it is a case of 2 lorazepam and still no sleep..hoping this is a minor blip.

  5. I know 2 ladies, both parents of disabled kids, who make similar cards & sell them in the local card shop on a sale or return basis. No-one loses out & they make the cards when they're able to. They're not going to get rich, but it's a useful additional income.

    Just a thought...

  6. It's a good thought Robert.

    We haven't got a local card shop but maybe the local newsagent might be willing to have this kind of arrangement with me. Can but ask. :>)