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Friday, 17 April 2009

Changing GPs - with a view to taking some time out

Another positive day on the getting out and about front, yesterday.

I woke up feeling pretty crap. Somewhat disorientated and yukky but not sure why. Is quite a usual state for me to find myself in in the morning. Was only rectified by taking an extra half a loz before it's due time. Still that worked and went to town with Dr Jekyll (who is much more Jekyll than Hyde at time of going to press). His most major problem at the moment is loneliness (in part aggrevated by paranoia but more to do with rejection by those he wishes to have as his peers and a society/MH service that has ostracised him). Anyway, that is a book and a half and his to be writing (should he ever feel so inclined).

My prime directives were to get my prescription (only half of which was available) and then change my GP practice. Have changed to Dr Jekyll's because it is smaller, he seems to find the GP's there helpful and am sick to death of the continual probbies I am encountering with my existing GP practice.

I like the feel of the new practice. It is small and the receptionist welcomed Dr J, calling him by his name and being friendly and not in a contrived way. As I wrote to friend on another network, the receptionists at my existing GP's all wear uniforms, have their hair lacquered into submission and act like they are forced to deal with patients rather than do it from a caring perspectivwe. Another reason I have changed practice, like I needed another, was that the practice is going to be assimilated into one of those mega community health centres. I don't think big is better and am hoping that opting for small means a more personalised (patient focussed) approach to my care. Gotta live in hope!

I have been booked an appointment with the Health Assistant for next week...obligatory blood pressure check and blood tests (yes more blood tests). After that, unless something major happens, want to take some time out from seeing medics. I need breathing space and to not feel I have to take any new medication so that if/when time comes where I am in more postive frame of mind for dealing with medics, that meds I do take will be taken without me flapping (any more than I am likely to anyway).

Dr J then headed off to the pub and I went walkabouts second hand shops. Haven't done that for a while. Was a day of good pickings. I bought a couple of book tapes because have been struggling to read lately. Was on the way to another shop when Em rang to tell me she had past her driving Theory Test. 50 out of 50. Game on!

It has taken her the best part of a year to get her driving together. Some people, like her fella, have about 8 lessons and then pass. She has had about 40 but her instructor reckons she is ready for her practical test now. Am keeping fingers crossed for her because it is very important to her that she passes. She is getting sick of relying on her fella to take her places and can't be doing with public transport (join the club).

Went to a couple more second hand shops. Am looking out for trousers for Dad. He has 2 pairs that have seen better days. Problem is getting the waist size that matches his leg length. Think I might have to order some on line.

Made a couple more purchases for myself, including a book called 'The Eye of Jade' by Diane Wei Lang. Wasn't sure I would be able to get into it because the last couple of attempts to read have left me frustrated. I have started and then noticed myself 'parrot style' re-reading the same paragraph over. Anyway, bit of a breakthrough as I got to page 54 last night and am totally into the plot. Is great to be enjoying what I read again.

And today Hayley is coming round to make cards. She is still minus a car(insurance company offered her £100...rotters!) but is using one of those 'No Win, No Fee' companies to try and get enough compensation to by another. Am not too keen on that style of insurance (any really) but if it gets her what she needs, then why not?

Later Em and her fella are round and we are going to see Dad. So is another busy day here.

Maybe the next slump is just around the corner but am making the most of the pozzies while they last.


  1. Damn right! Make the best of now. Plenty of shit ahead (for all of us)!

  2. Hi Mandy.
    I am pleased that you are having a few pozzies for a change.Good luck with the new GP aswell. Last one really sounded a nightmare.Some the receprionists at our surgery I could slap in the face, even though they used to work with my mother in law and know me and hubby.
    Anyhoo hope the pozzies continue.
    Will try and ring you at some point soon.
    Lots of love
    Sis xxx

  3. Cheers Robert

    Have just spent the best 3 hours with Dad we have both had together in a long time.

    Hope your weekend is a goody.

  4. Hi Sis

    Am very relieved to be starting with a different GP practice.

    What is it with some receptionists? A power thing maybe? Anyway, no more looking at faces that have been sucking lemons all day.

    Look forward to hearing from you and hope your are having some pozzies of your own. xxx

  5. Sid Bloodhound, Nutter Media18 April 2009 at 09:21


    I'm sure you and the thousands of other people with MH issues who are experiencing great difficulty accessing services and exercising patient choice will be delighted to know that the Mental Health Foundation is running a £800,000 pilot in Wales to train people to Self Manage their illness.

    The training scheme fronted by the Mental Health Foundation's David Crepaz Keay is designed to save services having to splash out on expensive interventions and the charity is currently looking to recruit trainers and participants.

    Mr Crepaz Keay has been self managing his own mental illness for years largely by reining in the drug abuse of his student years that brought him into contact with mental health services in the first place.

    In addition to this self management drive Mental Health Foundation Director Andrew McCulloch wants to see more youth in cycling shorts.

  6. Hello Sid

    I think we could do with a Nutter Media blog or website.

    As for the £800,000. They could give it to me and I would manage my illness alot better with it.

    Would add a whole new meaning to the term 'patient choice', particularly as there doesn't seem to be that much in the NHS for people with mental illness.