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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Just who are the police protecting and why are the media becoming such suck arses?

This is footage of Jodie McIntyre being dragged from their wheelchair by the police during recent protests.

When I saw this I had to ask "Why?". What possible threat could Mr McIntyre pose to a group of policeman?

I didn't watch the news yesterday. I have been deliberately avoiding it, although by doing that I am avoiding things like the interview BBC News did with Mr McIntyre. I have been told it was biased and that he was made to look like a villain. Well, if someone in a wheelchair being pulled about by the police is an act of crime then nobody is safe to do anything without it being seen as deviant behaviour (except the police).

I dont' usually bad mouth the police force, although I still think the shooting of Jean Charles de Menenez was an utter cock up on policing front (and the man died uneccesarily) because my experience of dealing with them has been that they have been obliging, kind and actually found my Dad when he was wandering around the Yorkshire Moors in a state of mental distress. However, I fear their prime directive is to serve the government rather than serve the public.

And what next: Water Canons, calling the army in to every protest? The British Government condemned China over the student protests in Tiananmen square, in 1989

but now the government labels all UK protestors as rioters (and the media follow suit) and the police are to be their henchmen. It won't be long before the state starts controlling everything.

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  1. Should have wrote "does control everything" rather than "starts controlling everything"!