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Saturday, 3 July 2010

The futility of voting for change

As I am sure many others are, I am deeply concerned about the goings on of this Tory/Lib Allegiance Government.

Previously, I have waxed positive about my local MP (Tory) who did, a fair bit of the time, fight my corner as I tried to get local MH services to do their jobs properly, fairly and consistently. However, a local MP dealing with their constituents is very different to a steamroller approach to stuffing the poor and vulnerable.

I have lost faith (totally) in the political system, which I should have realised only serves a certain section of society. I detest above all the Liberal Democrats for selling themselves out (apart from the referendum next May on Proportional Representation...which seems to be the only thing they now care about viz a vie their morals) and becoming whores to their power lust. Hope they enjoy the time they have sharing power (make that being subserviant to the Tories). I doubt they will be respected come the next general election..whenever the fekk that will be because the Tories wanna close the system down to a point where they run the show...indefinately.

The only political action I will be taking, in regards to the shite hole this system is, will be to go along to future balloting stations and write "It all stinks to high heaven" on my voting paper.

Fekk em all because they sure as hell are going to fekk me over!!!!!


  1. i'm hearing you, think i'll just rip up voting form voting station next time round

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