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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A voice from the wilderness...saying "I don't know WTF is going on either"

As I hadn't heard anything from my lawyer for some time; not since she emailed me writing that she had written to South Essex Partnership Trust, raising the concerns that I had discussed with her (back in May), I decided to touch base and ask where things were at.

I got a response today. Cutting to the chase, The Trust Complaints Manager has managed to acknowledge receipt of her letter to them and promised a response by 7th July. Well, that date came and went so the lawyer chased them up. They asked for a stay of grace....until 16th July and then, in another communication, requested a Written Consent Form signed by me. Luckily, I had signed the form at the original meeting with lawyer.

The Trust then asked for a 2 week's delay (in addition to that of 16th July). Lawyer has given them one week, which takes us up to 23rd July. Wonder what excuses The Trust will come up with then. Bet it's the tried and tested (and used like a worn out record) "The manager is on leave and won't be back until......whenever". We shall see!!!

Lawyer was also concerned that she wrote to my psychiatrist and ex care co-ordinator (after our initial meeting) asking them to organise a CPA meeting with me, and she hasn't heard anything. Talk about weird timing. I got a letter, today, requesting my attendance at a meeting next Monday...perhaps she will get a copy of that letter, in the next few days...and perhaps not.

In the meantime, the issues over Direct Payments have gone on...with the Trust, originally insisting I use a care organisation approved by them..only for ex care co-ordinator to be told (by that company) that they don't cater for the sort of care my Direct Payment is to be used for. An officer at the Disability Resource Centre got involved and between them and myself (with minimul input from CC) we drafted a Job Description, that is now in the local job centre. Closing date for applicants, Friday. All being well, interviews next week. Considering it took from the Panel Agreement in December until May for the Direct Payments to actually start being made...I reckon this is small fry. Am laughing here because my review date (effects of Direct Payment on my well being) was scheduled for June. The way things are going, I won't even start using them till August!!!!

As for the care support being provided to my father, by the Older Age Person's Team...That is another blog posting, in it's own right, and is not a tale of SEPT doing something right but actually not doing anything at all. When I last spoke to Dad about it, he blames himself for being a 'hopeless case'. I don't blame him at all..I blame them for adding to his feelings of worthlessness by their highly conspicious absense in regards to his care. Luckily, his basic needs are being met and very well, by the staff in the Care Home..but that is no excuse for the Trust to have no involvement in his care at all. Ah well, me thinks the complaints manager will have yet another letter for them to pussy foot around....sadly father is not entitled to legal aid and local advocacy services proved utterly useless after he took his overdose. Almost like they hadn't got a clue what to do. Welcome to the ruddy club!!!!


  1. Hi Mandy
    Sleep evades. saw your post. Sorry you are getting messed around but glad solicitor has finally got back to you.
    Things always seem to be on bacfoot though don;t they. In that she gets in touch after deadlines and CPA. CPA after she gets in touch.

    As for your DAD I feel they prob think he is in care and someone elses responsibility which as you point out is wrong,

    Anyway hope it is not worrying you too much. Sending HUG (())
    La-reve x

  2. Same old same as from the bureaucrats at the Trust then with a lot of man hours obviously being invested into delaying and obstructing meaningful responses and progress.

    You know, my local free paper is running a headline about one in four local public sector jobs being under threat, people are worried but it seems the bureaucrats at your Trust think they are immune to that horrible background reality and can hold their own without public support and sympathy. They need to look out of their office windows more.

  3. Hi Lareve,

    It is the way systems work...or don't.

    I had wondered if my lawyer had been abducted by aliens :>) but they are back on terrafirma and seem to be getting pxssed off with being ignored by the Trust. Now they know what it feels like.

    Hope you got some quality sleep at some point x

  4. Jason Birk another faceless wanna be countefoiler.

  5. Anon

    I wonder, with commissioning being transferred to GPs ...if Mental Health Trusts shouldn't be looking properly at the quality of services they deliver.

    That window of opportunity ( my ideal la la land) lead to other organisations offering to deliver certain aspects of MH care and much better than existing delivers. It might not...MH has always been Cinderella and I am not sure she is going to be invited to this ball either.

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