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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Panic Ye Not...All will be fine (cough, cough)

With everyone on incapacity benefits or DLA for MH related illnesses stressed to max that their benefits are going to be taken away from them, a reassuring word (via Hansard site)....

Yes indeed. Paul Farmer of Mind, will be acting as an advisor to the government on the capacity assessment process.

Phewee..and there was me thinking that us loons were up for another hammering.

We all know what stirling work Mr Farmer has done on placing 'Mind' centre stage in the role of deliverer of work programmes for the mentally challenged. What do you mean, a clash of interests? No clash of his interests (for himself). Oh yours...well, sorry mate but yours, mine and anyone else with mental illness's don't count.

Rest assured Mr Farmer's position as government lead will be secure for quite some time. best get back to doing what you do best. There might be something in it for you.A shiny shiny award given to the person with the most chapped lips.


  1. How Big a Society can it be that the Government has to give the same few suckarse wankers all of the jobs? Paul Farmer of Mind now wears a provider hat, a service user ' advocacy hat and a Government capability assessment hard hat to feed people back into Mind's struggling employment schemes.

    The cunt is on 100k a year already Who needs to worry about greedy fucking privateers with completely ruthless BigSociety players like Mr Farmer around?

  2. Ros, Stratford20 July 2010 at 18:19

    Paul Farmer is a very devious man. He looks uncomfortable in his Mental Health Messiah photo, he should do as what he's done is despicable, he isn't an objective advisor, Mind has a string of failing to useless mental health employment iniatives to pad out . This is Farmer kissing Tory ass to stuff public money in both his pockets. He's a swine!

  3. Brucey Bonus Forsythe20 July 2010 at 20:27

    He a cunning little fucker, I'll give him that.

    To me it is like setting up a company and giving the same person all the top jobs.

    Big Society...still run by the few!!!

  4. George had it right long ago ...

    Pig Society rules the fools ..

    The Tories changed one letter that's all ..

    Okay so the charities have painted themselves blue instead of prissy (education education education) red and chucked some stinky pinky in too but the network slurry has just adapted - back into the social pornographers that they all are ..

    MIND are, as Norm indicates with his suckarse wankery detector - ubiquitous , and God is envious - not even he can be in so many conflicting positions as MIND at once and still be partly believed in .

    But Rethink are it again stirring up shit about GP's having power to commission and alleging that they cannot do the deal in mental health . Is it any wonder there's a weakness there ? For years we have had Rethink-MIND and charities creating a sovietised axis of provision and delivery dressed up to look like "Users-needs" with manipulated groups ......

    Its more years of Piggery in a different style....Sainsbury pork-links ..

    Has Norm got any pictures of suckarse wankers other than Mr MIND Charmer ? ... I have some old Bobby Charlton pics I'd swap - cos I know he likes hairy legs


  5. Cliff Prior's Ghost20 July 2010 at 22:20

    Rethink are now calling for Book and Choose in Mental health a spart of Fair Treatment camapaign, thats right to choose provider although one suspect they hope it will mean they can shunt patientsback at themselves .

    Yes, rethink are casting doubt on GP Commissioning to angle for advisory role on GP commissioning but they cant out Mind Mind. Rethink are the poor country relation. They need to break freefrom that 1 in 4 shit and focuson providing servicesfor their severe MH issues client group.

  6. i do so agree with everything said here. paul farmer should hang his head in shame but i don't suppose he has anything resembling a conscience.

    thank you so much mamdy for keeping us informed of this.

    thinking of you. did you get my email?

    2nd time i have tried to post. hope this 1 gets through


  7. Why arent people flagging up the complete absence of a legal rights approach in mental health now?

    There's no concept of rights being invested in the individual the service provider charities are simply claiming conflicting advocacy and advisory roles and no-one seemsto be care.

  8. Anon -

    All the User-elites and fitter Users got paid off to work in fattened out MH charities and Govt quangoes and to bleat out "stigma" allied to work drives that are seriously underserving people.

    Those elite-Users discovered it pays to betray others then call it "pragmatism" - I've seen this approach with so many of them over years.

    Legal Rights based mental health service delivery has to begin with the legal rights of funded patient choices that are enabling of individuals to live how they can.

    Supporting parasitic groups though was Labour's way .

    Labour just wanted to hothouse people into exotic recoveries and dreamy social enterprise companies that fitter people have taken over and the middle classes are building lives off ...

    Mind you the Tories will not be much better because they have an easy route of pseudo-representation in the MH Charities that Labour made too powerful. Watch them .

  9. ConcernedCitzen21 July 2010 at 23:09

    Giving Paul Farmer all those conflicting roles is like giving a known paedophile the responsibility of doing the school run. The potential for abuse is predicatable and forseeable.

    Farmer has to go as he doesn't even acknowledge that there is a line. Mind isnt a representative body at all.

  10. Wish I could write something to wrap this up...but would rather wrap Mr Farmer up in a body bag and hurl him off London Bridge.

    No Nobel Peace Prize for me..but what the fekk?


    Not sure where you are sending mail to. If it is hotmail account. Haven't checked that for months. Will do so over the weekend.

    I have a special day for me..and more so Em..tomorrow. Her graduation ceremony and I got applications to go through for my PA (and the sort of PA I want doesn't need to touch type :>)

    Yes, it finally looks like I am getting the person to fit the criteria for the Direct Payment. Yee fucking ha!

    Friday tied up, wrestling with a earliest will be Friday night but will read the mail and get back to you.

    TTFN :>)

  11. Ode To Norm

    Cats down the road
    Are suckarse wankers
    But not as bad as
    Charities and bankers
    Rethink and Mind are
    Bumweasel maggots
    Rimming away on snotty


  12. AngelagreatelyOnSpeed22 July 2010 at 22:54

    The cycling shorts were taut
    Shimmeringly taut.
    It were a family awareness raising event up in Notts
    Andrew was very comfortable in the saddle.
    confident in his prowess
    It were a mental health foundation event and he were eager to make a great impression on the young uns
    In raven black crack tight lycra
    Hermes in flight almost if will
    Ignoring the age and mortal miniscule saddle package.
    'Follow me ' Andrew instructed his flabby buttocks straning against the synsthetic elasticity of the lycra
    " I know where we're going even if you dont."