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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

So much for the Glory Days

Thank heavens for Whistleblowers, I say

Daily Mail Article -
Whistle blown on South Essex Mental Health Partnership Trust


  1. Geoheghan is another Labour fraud. NHS Trusts should focus on providing a service not fucking around with anti-stigma campaigns and bidding to run other Trusts. Geoheghan should be taken out and shot. He's an arrogant turd.

  2. Jennifer,

    Gather you have had experience of SEPT.

    Can appreciate how you feel although the story coming through on the shootings in Cumbria make me feel that guns should never have been invented. Too easy to get hold of and the damage they do...horrific.

    Really do know how angry all the rhetoric and then what happens or doesn't (following that) makes you :>)

  3. Shame it's the Daily Mail (Uuuugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
    Wot's SEPT?

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  5. Mike

    Shame it wasn't the Guardian eh? Shame they are too busy writing articles about how Arty recovered from his breakdown..which is fine and dandy...if it is not at the expense of articles about serious 'organisational' corruption and neglect, which, if you could be arsed to read it, this article was.

    and if you had checked the actual would have seen it read "South Essex Partnership Trust"

    I think that answers your question.

    Personally, I have issues with the media...permanent...but when any newspaper actually bothers to print what is happening within MH Trusts then I applaud them.

    P.S. Hows NSUN doing? Managed to make any real changes to the lives of people with mental illness yet?

  6. What a shocking insider insight into how badly the South Essex Partnership Trust is being managed. This isn't going to give anyone relying on the Beds and Luton Partnership Trust , now managed by South Essex , any confidence that their local services will improve at all.

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  8. Hello Mandy.

    Yes, on the positive side I think we are, hand in hand with a lot of users and user led organisations, making a great deal of difference. We've also just become completely literally independent. On the negative side we're now registered as an incorporated charity - negative because this requires us to use and adhere to business models which I believe is incompatible with user involvement. As a trustee I am doing as much as I can to oppose this but I could do with you as an ally. We're looking for more trustees and you would be hugely valuable.

    N.B. For some Whistleblowing history have a look at

    Hugs (not leading to sex - I promise!).


  9. Mike ,

    It took £750,000 from the Tudor TrusT and Comic Relief to set up the National Survivor and Service User Network (NSUN) so 3 years on it's hardly unreasonable to expect it to be able demonstrate positive outcomes without the inappropriate old blokish sexual innuendo , please.

    As you're an NSUN trustee could you also explain what those national outcomes are or post a link to them?

    You've also written to another mental health service who asked you how NSUN had spent the £750k that you have no ability to grasp NSUN's finances nor interest in finding out so could you also post the official answer to that question as well.

    We know NSUN has battled with reputational and related recruitment problems from the outset because of the misconduct of treasurer David Crepaz Keay targeting service users with drug and porn content. You were well aware of this too as you wrote

    "It looks like I'm wrong about the psychotic site and if that is so surely its a police job?" but added "just because DCK is involved in NSUN doesn't mean all the others are duds - far from it."

    A Charity CEO has no right to create a clandestine website to anonymously target his own service users with the help of his PR team.
    That's an absolute .DCK fled the Charity to avoid an internal investigation and the Charity Commission concluded that people should be careful about working with him.

    You present as a champion of Whilstleblowing but when its convenient for you to look the other way you do and that really compromises other people.

    DCK wasn't just involved with NSUN he and Anne Beales of Together ran it . You claimed that NSUN was, an" independent body outside the usual bureaucracies" when you knew full well that it wasn't and that DCK and Beales managed NSUN around the professional mental health charity sectors agenda and attached it to the National Mental Health Development Unit, formerly NIMHE, that already linked most of the users and networks you now claim as NSUN's networking successes .

    So, where does the new independent, NSUN get its funding from now Mike?

    Similarly, you offhandedly dismissed a report posted on this blog Whistleblower Lifts Lid on Wildly Successful, South Essex Trust about systemic failure at a mental health Trust simply because it was a Daily Mail report. The owner of this blog and other readers rely on the services of that Trust.

    And lastly your protestations about charity regulations and structures not being compatible with User Involvement.

    True hierarchical charity structures aren't very democratic or flexible and tend to over rely on a centralised physical meetings culture but you've done very little to openly speak out about tor practically address that problem whereas many of the people around this blog have.

    As for Charity regulations they are there to prevent this kind of abuse happening ' Charity knowingly employed sex offender as Chief Executive '

    NSUN has failed to take sufficient steps to manage the risk to its reputation, assets and the disabled people it works with as DCK now operates within ' Advisory Bodies ' like the All Wales Mental Health Promotion Network to circumvent regulations and sidestep scrutiny and professional accountability.

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