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Friday, 2 April 2010

Long term Lethargy and other legacies of love and brain function gone a bit weird

Haven't posted for maybe too long and maybe not long enough...dependant on whose reading and where their morals or whose light beam they are caught up in. As it is actually down to me, am posting now.

All that glimmers is most deffo not gold!!!! That statement is not as random as it appears. The truth of the matter is it doesn't matter how much you try and cover up the smell, shit still smells of shit!!!!

Captain Non-Sensible's Log Stardate today:

After a fractious couple of weeks due to uncertainty of being able to get access to a lawyer, it now seems that I will be going to the old smoke (thanks to friend who has car and has been kind enough to offer to take me) to meet with said lawyer and the 'list of concerns' that I think need addressing in regards father's needs and mine.

In the meantime...due to personal flaking...another friend is acting as interim representative and has made contact with MP. I feel I can longer communicate with Trust management because it has all been 'verbal' on their part. Have had fekk all in writing about anything from Dad's care, to the post suicide attempt report, to what care plan has been put in place for him or who is actually taking responsibility for what, where, when and how. No, I am not surprised...simply worn out.

The Direct Payment which I was asked to open a separate bank account for back in December has not materialised. I have been 'verbally' informed, the paperwork has been sitting in some Social Services Administrator's in tray since January.

I have been told many things that have added up to nothing more than me still chasing tails and trying to sort things that are really beyond me.

The only way forward for me is to have a lawyer who, I am hoping, will get written agreements with timescales as well as looking back over the past chaotic few years and make sense enough out of it to guide me line with whatever the law has to say about it all.

There is a view, one that I have shared, that the law is an ass but I hope this particular lawyer is not one (ass) and some justice will be served.

What I have actually wanted was for those who are paid to take responsiblity to do just that and for several members of BLPT (particularly Dad's CMHT..who have been lazy, evasive and if not actually being so, have behaved like they haven't the wits to understand what action has been needed and when).

I don't like the fact it has come to this because I could do without the aggro (I could have done without it since January 08)and have done my bit to lead a quieter, less confrontational life, of late, but that does not make up for a Trust and now Social Services, that, for whatever are only consistent in being inconsistent in the delivery of their services.

And that is very much that!!!!!

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  1. Hope that lawyer really comes through for you as its blooming Spring 2010 already and you guys really could do with a fresh new new start this year , as the last couple of years have been pretty toxic I know. It's time you got some real professional backup from local services to materially help you get a better psychological toehold at your own pace rather than the usual officious line about everything remotely supportive having been 'modernised away' to suit His Holiness Louis Appleby's astral New Horizons BS.

    I certainly havent noticed Appleby or any of the other NHS cosmic bigshots fenshuing their departments or shaving their heads and wandering round in safron robes in keeping with their miraculous new Mindfulness techniques for mental health patients.