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Friday, 2 April 2010

A voice of reason.... beyond the brain washed

It's a matter of choice. Ha! Ha!


  1. Nice one Manders , Choice isn't a bad option and 90% of folk on our poll over at say they want it and , well, we're not calling for choice to be imposed on the remaining 10% so no harm done really.

    More pics of our beloved bearded Mental Health Tzar out on the town in Manchester in his SS uniform , high heels and latex bondage gear please .Relax don't do it, when you want to go through it , relax...

  2. Good to hear you're about, Mandy. Interesting link too. Take care, Dx

  3. Hi Norm

    So Tzar Louis quartorze reaches greater heights!!!!

    What is he now Tzar for Clearing Streets of Vagrants and Ensuring Patients Recycle Meds Containers???? Oh! How he must be swirling around in his dizzy heights of sucky-uppy-dom

    Now join with me.... "Send in the clones. There ought to be clones. Well, maybe they're here"

  4. I have been unkreffling my folded sanity and head weirding here and there but noticed sudden activity and blog pinging here ....I dreamed of axe weilding murderers and they were all staff -

    Funny thing isn't it when public cuts just show that self harming and self defeating behaviour is actually a Gov't policy imposed and acted out on us ...


  5. Hi PG

    Thought you were going to write about an axe wielding Mandy.....and don't go thinking that I haven't thought about it. lols. Still able to control the impulses!!!

    Government policy has equated to slashings....yet still the dead wood floats on top of the rancid pond and the rot sets in with those around trying to get to some safe ground with their clients/patients...people!

    I would like to modernise away the suits and dead wood and keep those doing good works. For example, my care co-ordinator (number 3 and the only one who has really helped me). Sadly she is in a minority.

    Perhaps we need a Minority Report on all this.

  6. So nice to see you back in blogland though understand absence. Have missed you. hoping weekend is good one and will catch up with you soon.x

  7. Thanks Lareve

    Not sure how long it will last, though.

    Hope your Easter weekend is a good one for you and yours x