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Saturday, 3 April 2010

And who will care for our young?

Was touched by communications from a teenager, who is struggling with their illness, with no support from services (due to their age.

Having spent years..mostly in vain...trying to work with services but occasionally making some progress in them working for me....and,hopefully, putting positive suggestions into the equation (maybe they are totally ignored as the steamroller rolls ever onwards but some of us have to try)

Anyway...the reason for this post is that I am quite appalled that young people (those under 16) are excluded from care support...or so it seems..and would welcome suggestions on how young people who are in crisis, suffering mental distress and are swamped by this world can get help.

Are there networks, already out there, that they can join?

Are there phone support lines available?

Are there any kinds of therapy that are out there and can be accessible to them?

And a biggie....any suggestions on coping skills, things that have helped other young people to work their way through. This could be through personal experiences or from knowing someone who has/is suffering as a young person and has found positive ways of coping.

If anyone can offer advise or wishes to share their experiences on any of the above, please do post in the comment box.