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Thursday, 7 January 2010

The weatherman forecasts long term snow in the UK


  1. I do hope not getting pretty fed up of skating my boy to nursery. And does nothing for anxiety of leaving house to have an excuse not to. Take Care. x

  2. Ditto Lareve

    I am going to brave the town today. Cabin Fever has got to me and I need to jump ship. Hope Taxis are still running.

    You take care there too and hope anxieties ease for you soon (although so much easier to say than often do :>) x

  3. the snow fell silently as we slept soundly under the snoring moon and warm blankie
    and in the morning as the snow still slanted sideways across the framed white quilt of the garden
    we were all eyes at the window
    wide faced with excitement
    cooing at the y shaped indentations of birds feet wibbling across the kitchen roof
    beneath us
    intrigued that even the telephone line was top coated
    as we gazed down at the brilliant polystyrene-like world of the garden
    the outline depression of the path
    the washing line a snowy antler
    a cool white insulated world that beckoned us to step out and make our own crisp virgin impressions ,
    the only visible colour against the white morning glare
    the dazzling bright orange half smile of the neglected spacehopper
    now wearing a cocky snowy beret
    at the top left hand corner of the garden
    but to be fair
    those were days when neglect of the inanimate
    amounted to no more than a couple of days.
    'we shall go sledging' i said
    and we did.
    the local park gates drew us into our own frozen narnia
    we sledged down the steep length of priory hill on plastic milk crates, cardboard boxes and our cold bare bottoms
    we small few and back then forever friends
    warm, huddled , scarved and laughing
    hurtling downwards through the deft wet white deep snow
    shwishing over it
    the laughter falling out of us
    as we rode the thrill
    to a sudden frozen stop or a hilarious tumble of limbs .
    but then the parkie showed up
    and lectured us on health and safety
    and pointed an icicled finger towards the gate
    which after we filed out
    he made a grand gesture of locking behind us with thick iron chains
    his sternness driving us home.
    overnight the moon cried snow
    and wept incessantly
    until it gathered up under its shining chin
    and in the morning the impressions of the birdsfeet were even more pronounced across the deep snow on the kitchen roof
    like the pinched fabric around the buttons of our sofa
    and the spacehopper's grin was now a half buried lopsided frown
    and we all felt scrunched down
    coldly oppressed
    trapped indoors with the stifling paper dry dusty heat from the radiators and dreary afternoon mothers talk from the radio
    wearying through the pages of picture books we could no longer concentrate on
    staring back at slow tail wagging pets as angry as we were .
    that evening the snow radiantly kept the night at bay
    heaping up in protest
    until at last the blood screamed in our veins and prompted action and we slunk out with the grownups in hand
    and headed for the park.
    gillian's dad unceremoniously broke the heavy padlock on the park gates and threw them open
    and we all rushed on our little legs through the deep snow up priory hill
    we small few and back then forever friends
    warm, huddled , scarved and laughing
    hurtling downwards through the deft wet white deep snow
    shwishing over it
    the laughter falling out of us
    as we rode the thrill
    to a sudden frozen stop or a hilarious tumble of limbs .
    but then the parkie showed up
    or rather mark's dad found him
    huddled on a bench by the snow draped bandstand
    arms raised as if directing the music of the universe
    the cold blast of the brass section
    his teeth set against the world
    tears of authority frozen on his cheeks.

  4. Anon

    Am in awe....and sorrowful about a childhood I can barely remember.

    'Wibbling across the kitchen roof'...just love it :>)

    Children really should have a childhood and one worth having. That is a mammoth statement for me to make (personal circumstances taken into consideration) but the only child in me still hankers for the missing years..the comfort of being with a peer group I can make sandcastles with simply because making sandcastles is a fun thing to do.

    In fact, I would be happy now to be sitting in a playroom and making sandcastles with other children.and yep Health and Safety and Peado alarm bells ringing all round would excempt me but I can still want to do that just for the pleasure of innocent play. To recapture what seems now, forever lost to me.

    The sheer drudgery of existance and fighting for the existance (and hopefully something a bit better) of another... I fear...has robbed me of many things.

    Maybe they will return...maybe I will have time to nurture myself and with support of those who truly understand what that means in an empathetic, rather than dogmatic and policy-drenched way. winter has lasted far too long and I can't wait to walk out in the sun. Is what I dream of and what I want to work to (without some god forsaken target/deadline/tick box driven 'CARE' droid.

    Certainly 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' is more akin to what I want than 'Love's Labours Lost'. Even if it was a one night only offer. lols

    Thanks for sharing. I think your writing is fucking fab :>)

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  6. Mandy, been wondering/worrying about you. Hope things are ok. Dx

  7. When everything is coming your way, you are in the wrong lane.............................................