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Monday, 21 March 2011

What this country needs is strong opposition parties

What it's got is David Milliband and although I think The Green Party are doing their best (well in certain aspects of their counter arguments)they are so few in numbers they get drowned out by the 'guffawing baffoons'.

Was it Dennis Healey, when asked about his opposite number's responses to his speech said "It was like being mawled by a sheep". That is what Cameron must think of Milliband cos that is what I think of him!!!

Yep, this country is fxcked...unless the public really do get so twatted off by what is being done to them that they/we take matters into their/our own hands. Fair play to the students and now the Doctors for saying "Shove it" but it takes a whole lot more....the masses.... to actually think like that and act on it.

Will it happen? It could but the British are really good at whining in corners and at each other and then rushing home in case they miss the latest episode of 'Easternderdale Street', 'X Factor Rejects Come Dine With Me Special For Not So Comic Relief', 'All Life Begins and Ends in Essex' and my personal fav 'My Big Fat Greek Yoghurt' (showing the many ways you can transform said yoghurt into a dining extravaganza).

Yep, this country is fxcked alright!!!!

S'use subtitles...was only original vid I could get, without all advertising junk thrown in.

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  1. It's all very well to say "If people get off their backsides and try to do something to stop these people" The problem is that there are a lot of physically and mentally sick people in the country. The main concern is that it isn't so much the people don't want to do something about it, I think it is more a case for some they just won't physically be able to because they are that poorly; while for others it will be the fact that they are too scared to. These people are delibrately preying on the sick mentally and physically for a reason, because they know they are easy targets to strike at first and knowing that there are a lot of ill people in the country? Well that is just an even bigger bonus for them isn't it? You just know that the crime level is going to drastically rise all over the country because with the fact they are taking away all the jobs for people here just in general, never mind the rest, how an earth are people meant to survive otherwise if they don't? OK, for few that have a lottery win, they will be damn lucky, but I don't think I have ever known anyone poor as such that actually wins that!

    So people will be driven to commit crime just to literally survive, and then you will have more and more news reports being broadcasted to
    make these people look like vermin, when infact they are not majoritively, they just won't have no other option. They will be made to look like the really bad criminals, when if anything, the real criminals are the ones in power. It makes me sick, and all Cameran had to say about how to treat the homeless people like s h i t pretty much, I was not impressed with as I've been in that situation countless times for one and two even if i hadn't I would still find that appauling and sickening. Sounds about right Labour bringing in ATOS I mean after all they are communists! I'm neither party unless its the stark raving loony party, and frankly they would do a hell of a lot better job by miles!! Not that it would take a lot I mean ffs you could put an Ape in charge of the country and it would run it nicer and better!!!