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Monday, 28 March 2011

"Look Whose Talking" (now)

Have just responded (on Facebook) to Broken of Britain's comment about Ed Milliband..and yeah, okay, I got his name wrong last time. Shows what great impact this man has had on my thinking that!!!!

Seems he is being attacked for speaking at the protests that took place in London on Saturday. Before I write anything further, want to give out maximum respect to those who attended (those that could) and showed they cared about what is being done to this country. I gather there was alot of virtual protesting going on too (by those who, like me, were unable to attend in person). Fair play to them as well.

I couldn't participate on the day as I had my father home and he needs pretty constant monitoring. He is still apt to trip/fall over. What with that, a malfunctioning hair dye that took lumps of skin off me scalp and left me feeling very nauseus ...and a trip to the zoo with Em (which was kind of her and I am only sorry that I was too tired to fully appreciate the wonderful company and beautiful animals there) slaughtered..and heavy sedated here.

Anyway, back to Ed Milliband. I don't have a problem with him speaking at a protest rally. What I have a problem with is how late in the day he has left it to try and make any kind of stand. I thought he was actually planning to rest on his laurels with high possibility of Labour being voted into government in 4 years time.

So he went and he spoke...and it amounted to "Labour would be making cuts but not such severe ones". Do I believe it? I have my doubts...based on fact that it was the previous Labour Government that bought ATOS onto the scene. Yep, The Coalition may be using this organisation to maximum effect in regards to hammering the disabled of Britain but the Labour Party opened the door and let ATOS in!!!

The seeds of the brutalisation of disabled people were planted by the Labour Party!!!!

From where I sit what I gather is that The Labour Party, with Mr Milliband at the helm, need to be more honest about what they would be doing if they were in government now...and what, if anything, their elected MP's are doing NOW to stop the damage being done.

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  1. As usual the only thing that actually gets done is anything to exacerbate the situation. I think their whole philosophy is Kill it, don't try to cure it if you ask me!