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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Latest Rethink Survey...Nothing New There, I am Afraid

Whilst straggling around Facebook (feeling like half frozen plate of piddle waiting to be flushed down the lavvy) came across a fleeting post about Rethink's latest survey.

Such as I gathered, before the post was deleted, quite possibly due to my comments around this not being new news at all but same old, same as....Rethink have found that most modern acute units are overcrowded.

FFS!!! How long ago was it ago that Mind did a similar survey and the outcomes were like this. Was it five years? Could be even longer.

Wish I could get hold of the survey to see what else it included....possibly things like:

Patients being left crying in the middle of reception areas, whilst visitors try and pacify them

People on detox for drug addiction stealing from other patients (and before people think I have total attitude towards drug addiction, I don't but I do think there is a strong case for focussed and specific rehab centres for addicts)

The high levels of violent behaviour, often aimed at other patients in acute care.

If I do manage to get hold of the survey, will copy details (such as they are) on here.

Can't help thinking that the next 'independant' survey on acute care...say 5 years down the line..will be saying the same thing or even worse.