Philosophy of The Big Society

David Cameron gets to be God!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

As banks make mega profits....David Cameron proclaimed new Messiah

It really is amazing what 2 month's in office can do for the economy! Well the Financial Sector.

Yes, of course I know it was fekk all to do with the Tories but they will claim it is something to do with their 'Big Society ethics (a bit of 'penny pinching' from the rich and 'pound pinching' from the poor'


I am expecting my letter from Job Centre confirming I have been given work as a CBT Therapist any day now.

Me: "Tell me about your childhood"

Followed by heartbreaking trip down their memory lane

Me: "Now it's my turn!!!"


  1. Heys "Itz" ..... NEWS: Pillvis's New Video starring Dog Muk-Flaggerty and made near Seagull Ward Mexico - Its a kind of BP Smellody ..

    Dog Muk-Flaggery Stars HERE

  2. More hats.....less hair!!!!

  3. Wamptrott Advice Bureau6 August 2010 at 00:34

    More paste , better wig ....

  4. Pilviz may want to comment on this this story bout mental healthcare in Brum in the meedja before Tories trump Labour and ban media from reporting anything in mental health but happy smiley faces